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Before you go


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Ios beach and port

5 airport tips to know before you go on holiday

Getting to the airport can sometimes feel like a hassle when there are a few of you. When you finally get there it can still be a bit of a headache …

How to plan a trip to Rome in 5 easy steps

Another trip to Rome!  Even though Iโ€™d been before, I was keen to visit again.  One of the main reasons for doing so was the sudden urge I had to photograph …

Here’s why you should visit Santorini

Santorini’s one of the most well-known Greek islands and is visited by many people each year. ย If you’ve never been or you’re thinking of going, here’s why you should visit Santorini. …

Getting to and from the airport – home and away

Ihad all the main things sorted and out of the way, so it was time to look at getting to and from the airport while at home and away.   Getting …

10 steps to finding the perfect accommodation on holiday

Finding a place to stay may seem easy at first, but the options you have to choose from can start to make it a little time consuming. ย With so many deals …

Your first solo holiday

  Your first solo holiday Youโ€™ve decided to travel solo, so where should you go on your first solo holiday? Before you start throwing ideas around, here are a few things …

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