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RiA Vistas - solo travel blogger

I’m RiA, a solo travel blogger. I’m here to help inspire the solo traveller in you!

If you’re interested in visiting new places and seeing new things, but need some inspiration to go it alone, then follow my journeys as I do the same.  I’ll be sharing my tips, advice and experiences to help you plan your own travel adventure!  

So, why did I start travelling solo…? 

A thought.... That's all it was. That's how it started. Let your thoughts take you on a new adventure!

RiA Vistas - me

A bit about why...

Working full-time (and with a few hobbies here and there) means that being on the road, or away for weeks or months at a time, doesn’t quite work for me.  Despite that, I’m always thinking of where to go to next.  The desire to do this all started with a thought.  A simple thought that’s turned into a series of mini-adventures. Spurred on by a few events a couple of years back, I wanted to get away on my own.  I wanted to take some time to just be me.

I surprised myself really as the thought of travelling alone was a little scary.

One of my hobbies is photography and over the last year or so my interest has grown.  I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures.  

I was the one who had to buy more film or another disposable camera on holiday (do you remember those?!).  My desire to travel, and my growing passion for photography, has blended perfectly.  I’m all about lots of travel and captured moments along the way.   Travelling on my own allows me to appreciate what’s around me even more. Since doing so, I’ve found new things that interest me or have uncovered buried interests that just needed a key to unlock them.  A travel blog seemed the perfect platform to share my travel experiences and adventures through my photography.  It also seemed a great way for me to share my tips and advice to help others on their solo travel journey.

So, here you are and that’s pretty much it. Okay, so there’s a lot more to it than that but you haven’t got all day, have you?

I’m just RiA.  Follow me on my travels as I aim to inspire the solo traveller in you too!  Find out how and where I decided to go on my first solo holiday.

Content and photography

The written and photographic content on riavistas.com is the property of RiA Vistas unless otherwise stated and where so, credit is given.  Imagery should not be used without permission but if you’d like to reproduce any of the content on my blog, please contact me at [email protected].

Travel resources

I use a number of different resources to help me plan my trips including the likes of Booking.com, KayakTripadvisor and Inspirock.  

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