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Home to author Hans Christian Anderson, Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries in Europe and home to many grand buildings like Frederiksborg and Kronborg castles. 

It’s connected to its neighbour Sweden by the famous Øresund Bridge which takes you directly into Malmö.  Its capital city, Copenhagen, is a cool place for solo travellers and a great choice for a city break in general.     

Map of Denmark
Country info
  • Language - Danish
  • Currency - Danish Kroner (DKK)
  • Capital city - Copenhagen
  • Main airport city - Copenhagen
  • Timezone - Central European Time (GMT+1)​ Item
Things to do
  • Visit Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød
  • Do a day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö
  • Go and see Rubjerg Knude lighthouse
  • Stroll along Nyhavn waterfront in Copenhagen
  • Relax on Amager Strandpark beach
Key words/phrases
  • Hello - "Hej" (Hi)
  • Goodbye - "Farvel" (Fah-vel)
  • Thanks - "Tak" (Tack)
  • How much is it - "Hvor meget koster det?" (Vor my-et kaw-sta day?)
  • I don’t understand - "Det forstår jeg ikke" (Det-for-shtor—yah-igge)
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