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There are so many wonderful things about Portugal. The beautiful old trams that carry people around Lisbon, tasty custard tarts from Belém, Fado music playing in Bairro Alto, to the azulejos tiles you’ll find dotted around everywhere. 

Perhaps it’s the marina in Vilamoura, the grand Sintra palace or the Dom Luís I Bridge or the Duoro Valley in Porto. 

Whatever captures your attention, I’m certain you’ll want to go back again.  Portugal’s great for a solo traveller wanting to get lost (not literally) in the sights and sounds of its cities and towns.

Map of Portugal
Country info
  • Language - Portuguese
  • Currency - Euros
  • Capital city - Lisbon
  • Main airport cities - Lisbon, Porto and Faro
  • Timezone - Western European Time (GMT+0)
Things to do
Key words/phrases
  • Hello - "Olá !" (Oh-la)
  • Good morning - "Bom dia" (Bomm-dee-ah)
  • Thank you - "Obrigado" (Ob-re-gahdo)
  • I don’t understand that - "Não entendo" (now-en-te-doo)
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