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Croatia is located in the Adriatic Sea.  Over the years, following the Croatian War of Independence, the country has become a popular destination for summer vacations, festivals and long weekend breaks. 

Some of its popular places to visit include its capital Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and the island of Hvar.  Croatia is also the perfect base for visiting the likes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia. 

Map of Croatia
Country info
  • Language - Croatian
  • Currency - Croatian Kuna
  • Capital city - Zagreb
  • Main airport city - Zagreb
  • Timezone - Central European Time (GMT+1)
Things to do
  • Visit the island of Šiphan for relaxation
  • Walk the Walls of Dubrovnik in the old Town
  • Go on a day trip to Bosnia or Montenegro
  • Spend a few days on Hvar island
Key words/phrases
  • Hello/hi - "Bok" (Boh)
  • Good morning - "Dobar jutro" (doh-broh yoo-troh)
  • Thank you - "Hvala" (Hvar-la)
  • How much is this? - "Koliko ovo košta?" (KOH-lee-koh oh-voh koh-shtah?)
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