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With famous Austrian musicians like Mozart and Joseph Haydn, Austria is a musical country in more ways than one.  It’s capital Vienna is known as the music capital of the world, while in and around Salzburg is where one of the best-known musicals was filmed.  The Sound of Music. 

The German-speaking country is located in Central Europe and it borders with Hungary, Czechia, Slovenia and Germany.  You can easily combine a trip to Salzburg from Munich or do the same from itsother popular city, Vienna, and visit Budapest.

Map of Austria
Country info
  • Language - Austrian german
  • Currency - Euros
  • Capital city - Vienna
  • Main airport city - Vienna
  • Timezone - Central European Time (GMT+1)
Things to do
  • Visit Skansen, the oldest open-air museum and zoo in Stockholm
  • Take a stroll in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
  • Visit the Gothenburg Museum
  • Check out Malmö Live in Malmö
  • Stop for Fika
Key words/phrases
  • Hello - "Hallo" (Hal-lo)
  • Goodbye - "Auf Wiedersehen" (
  • Good morning - "Guten morgen" (Goo-ten mor-ghen)
  • Good afternoon/Good day - "Grüss Gott" (Groosh-Got)
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