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Canals, Windmills, tulips and wooden clogs are just a few of the things you’d associate with the Netherlands – or Holland as some also call it.  The capital, Amsterdam, is full of beautiful waterways lined with neat, tall, and some very slim homes. There’s so much to take in if you’re in the city centre, especially in the Leidseplein or Rembrandt squares. 

If you’re thinking of visiting the Netherlands for a solo trip, you could also try planning visits to some of its other cities such as Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen and Utrecht. 

Map of Netherlands
Country info
  • Language - Dutch
  • Currency - Euros
  • Capital city - Amsterdam
  • Main airport city - Amsterdam
  • Timezone - Central European Time (GMT+1)
Things to do
  • Visit Zaanse Schans
  • Wander around Rotterdam's Old Harbour
  • See Rotterdam's Kinderdijk's Windmills
  • Go on a canal cruise in Amsterdam
Key words/phrases
  • Hello - "Hallo" (hah-loh)
  • Good morning - "Goedemorgen!" ( khoo-der-mor-khern)
  • Goodbye or bye - "Tot ziens" (Toht-zeens)
  • Thank you - "Dank u wel" (dahnk-ew-vehl)
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