How to get to Salzburg from Munich in a day

Did you know Salzburg was only an hour and 45 minutes away from Munich?  If you’re in Munich for a few days, why not plan a day to visit this city steeped in musical history.  Read on for how to get to Salzburg from Munich in a day.  

Tickets to Salzburg

To get you to Salzburg one of the best tickets to purchase is the regional Bayern-Ticket.  It allows you to travel anywhere in the German state of Bavaria and surrounding towns including Salzburg.  It’s a day travel pass so as long as you return on the same day it’s a really good deal.

The ticket becomes very useful since it’s also valid on the buses, the subway (metro) and S-Bahn (overground) trains within Munich.  There are also discounted prices available if you are travelling in a group but it’s still also perfect for solo travel.

That ticket is only valid for travel on regional or ‘M’ (Meriden) trains and not any of the high speed trains such as ICE or IC/EC.

How to buy

The easiest way to buy your Bayern-Ticket is to visit the Deutsche Bahn website.

Once you pick the day and time you want, you should end up with three initial options before you go to the payment screen.  Pick the one that says Bayern Ticket – it should be €25.

You can also buy your ticket on-the-go using the German train app, DB Navigator. You can download Android or iOS versions.

Bahn train website
Bahn train website

Where to find the Salzburg train at Munich central station

When you get off at Munich central station (München Hauptbahnhof) look for ‘fernzüge’ signs. Fernzüge translated literally means ‘far trains’.  If you used the metro to get to Munich Central Station you’ll find these signs along the platform, otherwise if you travelled by train of bus you’ll already be in or outside at the main overground station.  Here you’ll find the ICE, Regional and M trains.

Fernzuge sign-metro
Fernzuge sign-metro

Trains to Salzburg

The majority of trains to Salzburg depart Munich central station from platforms 5-8.  These platforms aren’t located in the main area of the station.  To find the Salzburg train look for signs to platform 11 and follow them all the way around.

Munich station departure board_RiA Vistas
Munich station departure board
Münich Hbf - platform 11 Salzburg
Münich Hbf - platform 11 Salzburg
Salzburg platform at Munich station
Salzburg platform at Munich station
Salzburg Meridian train
Salzburg Meridian train

You’ll feel like you’re about exit the station but don’t worry, you’re on the right track – ha, ha.  Eventually you’ll come to the remaining set of platforms. You find the Regionalbahn (local passenger trains) and the M trains located here.

Then you’re ready to go.  Enjoy your trip!


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