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Meteora – Kalabaka

8 other things to do while visiting Meteora’s monasteries in Greece

Meteora is the gorgeous formation of rocks located in the Greek town of Kalabaka (also spelt Kalampaka and Kalambaka). With the main focus for your visit likely to be around seeing …

How to get around Meteora by bus

When you first see Meteora youโ€™ll wonder how youโ€™ll get around its vast landscape. There may only be one, but the Meteora Bus will get you to where you need to …

Visiting Meteora and its Monasteries – another side of Greece

What comes to mind when I say Greece? ย Is it the turquoise-blue sea, sandy beaches or ancient ruins like Acropolis or Delphi? Maybe itโ€™s sunsets in Santorini or those white churches …

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