How to get around Meteora by bus

When you first see Meteora you’ll wonder how you’ll get around its vast landscape.

There may only be one, but the Meteora Bus will get you to where you need to go! So, to give you an idea of getting around Meteora by bus, read on!  

The Meteora Bus and it’s route

The Meteora Bus departs the KTEL bus station each day and makes the journey from the town of Kalabaka to Meteora and its monasteries. It takes the same route to get to and from the monasteries on each trip repeating the stops but in the opposite direction. Aside from the bus stops on the main street in Kalabaka, before reaching Meteora, the bus makes other stops. If you want to ensure you get a seat, get on at the bus station which is on Averof street.  

Meteora bus stop
Meteora bus stop

Meteora Bus – routes

Kalabaka to Meteora

Kalabaka bus station, Hotel Divani, Town hall Square, Campaing Vrachos, Kastraki, Camping The Cave, St Nicholas Anapafsas, Roussanou, Varlaam, Great Meteoro, Holy Trinity, St Stephen.

Meteora to Kalabaka

St Stephen, Holy Trinity, Varlaam, Great Meteoro, Roussanou, St Nicholas Anapafsas, Camping The Cave, Kastraki, Campaing Vrachos, Town hall Square, Kalabaka bus station.

The first few stops are along the main street and then the bus does pick-ups at a few camping sites and the nearby town of Kastraki which are on route.  

Travelling from Athens or Thessaloniki?

If you’re staying in Athens you can get a direct bus at 7am to Kalabaka and Meteora. However, if you’re staying in Thessaloniki, there’s a direct bus at 8am to Kalabaka and Meteora. Please check the KTEL Trikala website.  

Meteora bus timetable and pricing

Because there’s only one bus, the departure times are far apart as the bus does the whole circuit. It stops at all the monasteries on the way up, and then does the same on the way back down into the town. The Meteora bus leaves the main bus station in Kalabaka at 9am, then again at 12pm and at 2.30pm to take people to Meteora. If you’re travelling back from Meteora to Kalabaka, the bus leaves St Stephen’s Monastery at 11am, 2pm and 4.30pm. Check out the current Meteora Bus timetable.

Meteora Bus timetable
Meteora Bus timetable

Meteora bus ticket prices

Bus tickets can be purchased at the bus station or when you get on the bus. You can enter at its rear doors and the bus conductor onboard will greet you and you can get a ticket him once you sit down.

Meteora Bus - Kalabaka_RiA Vistas
Meteora Bus - Kalabaka
Meteora Bus - Kalabaka_RiA Vistas
Meteora Bus - Kalabaka

They don’t do return tickets. You can only purchase a single or all day one. The all day tickets allows you to jump on and off the buses. For €1.80 you can get a single journey ticket or if you intend to be around the monasteries all day taking the bus all the time, you can get and all day ticket for €5.50. It’s a bit like a hop-on, hop-off bus then.  

  • If you’re a student and have an ISIC card you can get a 25% discount on your bus ticket. • Make sure you have small notes or loose change of the bus – it’ll help the bus conductor out  

How to see four monasteries in a day by bus

My aim was to see four of the six monasteries during my trip but I ended up seeing four in one day. Want to know how I did it?  

The bus

I took the 9am Meteora Bus from on of the stops along Trikalon – the main street in Kalabaka. You can take it from the bus station as well. My first stop was the Monastery of Varlaam – you will most likely have to get off at The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron and walk down to Varlaam as there’s not enough space for the bus to turn around at The Monastery of Varlaam. It doesn’t take long at all.  

The walk

From The Monastery of Varlaam I then walked to the Monastery of Rousanou. The walk took me about 23 minutes, but depending on your pace it may be more or less. I’d say allow for 25-35 minutes just in case.

Road - Meteora
Road in Meteora

From the Monastery of Rousanou I walked for 18 minutes to St Nicholas Anapafsas Monastery. It’s downhill, so a nice walk, despite it being really hot! There not much shade.  

Back on the bus

Once I’d spent some time at St Nicholas Anapafsas Monastery, I waited at the bus stop across the road. The Meteora Bus would have left the station at 12pm and would take about 20 minutes or more to get from the bus station to St Nicholas Anapafsas Monastery.  I then took the bus to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. After staying at the monastery for about an hour and a half I took the bus just after 2pm back to Kalabaka.

NB: I’d already seen two of the monasteries the day before when I went on the Visit Meteora Hiking Tour. 

It’s pretty easy to get around Meteora.  You can drive, but there’s not a lot of parking spaces outside the Monasteries.   If you’re into hiking, you could try hiking more of Meteora!

Let me know if you decide to go and want any advice!

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