Metro hopping Stockholm’s underground art gallery

If you’re in the city and want something a little different to see and do, spend some time metro hopping Stockholm’s underground art gallery!

You’ll find some amazing artwork at stations under the city that envelope the walls, ceiling and floors. The work – a mix of sculptures and paintings – is featured across more than 90 of Stockholm’s metro stations. It’s also believed to be the longest art exhibition in the world too.  

Station innovation

Since the mid fifties, Metro stops have been transformed by over 150 artists to create a different experience and feel in each one. Designs range from a garden wonderland and the environment to video game levels and rainbows. Each station has its own vibe and definitely captures travellers attention as they pass through. You’ll definitely get a lot more than you bargained for with your metro ticket! I spent some time at a few of the city’s metro stations to look at the artwork that lay beneath the city.


As the city’s main station, T-Centralen was the first to be transformed and it’s home is on the networks blue line. On both the upper and lower decks you’ll find the ceilings and walls decorated with leafy designs in blue hues and cream tones.

The artwork gives a gentle and fresh feeling as you pass through. Some of the escalators even got their own makeover with colours on each step to create a rainbow effect.

Metro line: Blue  

Solna Centrum

This station is bright red and green. Today it depicts a forest and the sun setting, however it wasn’t originally planned this way. Instead it was only meant to be painted red and green, but it was transformed to create a story.

The artists improvised. They worked with the bold colours and over time added different scenes to it. The end result aims to reflect the environment and the depopulation of rural areas.

Metro line: Blue  

Solna Centrum station red-green - Stockholm_RiA Vistas
Solna Centrum station - Stockholm
Natural History Museum of Meteora_RiA Vistas

Mörby Centrum

Ice cream. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I got off at Mörby Centrum. My second thought…candy!

The station artwork is very calming with colours to match – it’s not bright or bold, but don’t be fooled and think there’s not a lot going on…

Mörby Centrum ice cream station Stockholm
Mörby Centrum ice cream station Stockholm
Mörby Centrum station Stockholm
Mörby Centrum station Stockholm

The artwork creates a subtle illusion. If you look carefully you’ll notice the colours on the bottom part of the walls (under the pink/white puff) change colour depending on what side you’re standing on.

Metro line: Red  



Östermalmstorg station is located in the posher district in Stockholm – Östermalm. There are a lot of trendy bars and designer shops scattered around the area. It’s the third deepest station on Stockholm’s underground network.

Östermalmstorg station Stockholm
Östermalmstorg station Stockholm
Östermalmstorg station artworks
Östermalmstorg station artworks

The artwork also depicts women’s rights and the environment. Metro line: Red


I’m sure you’ll cheer up when you get off at Station station if you’re feeling down at all.  It has has a huge rainbow covering its ceiling and walls.

Stadion station Stockholm_RiA Vistas
Stadion station, Stockholm

Stadion was the first of the ‘cave stations’.  As you travel through a few of the other metro stops, you’ll notice that many of them look a little cave-like.  The exposed areas of bedrock is what gives the stations their cave looks.

Metro line: Red  



Meaning the ‘The King’s Garden’, Kungsträdgården is one of Stockholm’s oldest public parks. It’s metro stop artwork creates the vibe of its surroundings many years ago.

Kungsträdgården station walkway Stockholm
Kungsträdgården station walkway Stockholm

Almost like something out of Alice in Wonderland (well to me anyway) Kungsträdgården station will makes you feel like you’re at a garden tea party.

Kungsträdgården station Stockholm_RiA Vistas
Kungsträdgården station Stockholm

With statues dotted around, checked floors and green ceilings, you’ll find it fascinating to look at.

 Metro line: Blue



With creamy brown walls creating a cave-like vibe, Rådhuset station made me feel like I was in the new-age Flintstones. The silver colour from the stations existing fixtures and fittings really made this station artwork pop. The station is the nearest to Stockholm’s City Hall.

Metro line: Blue

Rådhuset station Stockholm_RiA Vistas
Rådhuset station Stockholm

I only made it to seven of the stations and as you can tell, I pretty much stayed on the blue and red metro lines.  Hopefully I’ll see more of the art on Stockholm’s underground if I visit again.  For the opportunity to get some unusual yet cool pictures, and to do something a little different, spend some time metro hopping Stockholms photography.

Have you visited the metro gallery?

My favourite station was T-Centralen…what was yours?

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