My 2019 travel bucket list – let the adventures begin!

Happy New Year everyone!

Another year, more travel plans to make. It’s 2019 – let my travel adventures begin!! 

My 2019 travel hit list

So, what’s on my radar? You’ve probably guessed that I’ve already looked at my destinations for the year.  It’s looking good so far! Aiming to visit a minimum of three countries in 2019 and if I could at most….five!  So, here goes….


I must get to Croatia one way or another this year! I’ve been intrigued by how popular the country has become over the last few years as I hear more and more people talk about it. Its a destination for events likes IN Music Festival  in Zagreb or Ultra Europe in Split.

Mp of Croatia
Map of Croatia

Apart from seeing the well-known tourist sights, as it’ll be my first visit, I’ll also try to have a wander with the aim of coming across quirky and picturesque spots and hidden places. During my trip, I’d definitely be looking to visit Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar. If I have time, some of the islands as well!  

Meteora and the Cylades islands, Greece

You’ve probably guessed that I have a love for Greece. If you’ve read my travel diaries, it was the country I picked for my first solo trip. It has a place in my heart for that and many other reasons. Where will I go this time? I’ve been seeing pictures and videos of Meteora – an amazing rock formation in central Greece – and it’s drawing me to visit this beautiful place. I want to find out more about it and visit one of the Eastern Orthodox monasteries perched on top.

It’ll take a fair bit of planning as I’m already think8mg of combining it with a visit to a few of the Cyclades islands.  I have some of those in mind already, so I’ll keep you posted!  

Boat trip in Greece and flag
Boat trip in Greece


I want to visit Budapest again to spend some more time relaxing in its Szechenyi thermal baths and wander around its neighbourhood.  I actually visited in 2018, but I wasn’t alone, so this time I wanted to see a bit more of what this city has to offer!  I also went in winter, so would love to take some time there in summer or autumn.

Hungarian Parliament - Budapest Jan 2018
Hungarian Parliament - Budapest, Jan 2018

Cinque Terra, Italy

Oooh, Cinque Terra and those colourful homes on the edge of the cliffs!  It’s been on my mind for a while now. These five unique little fishing villages are so picturesque that I’ve been trying to work this part of Italy into a trip every time I think of going. 2019 is year that I’m aiming to actually book a trip and go… I just need to figure out how and when!  

Other trips I’d like to squeeze into 2019…


I’ve not yet been to Milan and although many tell me there’s not that much to see in this city, it’s not put me off at all. I still want to visit! The main attraction for me of course is its Duomo. If I can get a weekend trip in, I’ll definitely try!

Cotswold/Lake District, UK

As a well-known beauty spot in the UK, I’d love to take a few days to visit the lakes for a little peace and quiet. It’s not only a nice break away, but makes for a great location for a photography session!

Faro…or Lisbon (again)

I enjoyed my time so much that I’d love to visit this beautiful Portuguese city again and see if I can get a weekend in this beautiful Portuguese city once again!


I’d love to see Lake Bled and if I can, I’d like to add Slovenia to my list of 2019 trips. If possible, adding it to my trip to Croatia. In my head it’s possible, but will need a bit of time, so perhaps a trip on its own.


Having been to Norway for work, I’d like to visit the picturesque town of Bergen once again. It was stunning and quaint! I’d also like to visit Oslo, so not only would I be trying to squeeze Norway in, but decide which place I would visit!


I’ve not been to Brighton for years, so if I want to get away for a day (maybe a night), I’ll consider this seaside town

Ascensor da Glória - Lisbon
Ascensor da Glória - Lisbon

Read my travel diary throughout the year to find out if any of the places on my travel hit list for 2019 become an adventure reality!  

Are you planning on travelling solo – what are your plans for 2019? Share them in the comments below!

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