A weekend break to Paris

I decided to squeeze in a trip during the August bank holiday, so I checked out a few options. I looked at Norway, Bruges and Stockholm but eventually decided on a weekend break to Paris.

My first thought was to fly but it was quite expensive for the budget I had in mind. I looked at Eurostar. As I was looking to travel just before a bank holiday, I knew it would be expensive, but Eurostar was still a little more than I wanted too.

Coach trip!

Then the answer literally popped into my email inbox. A newsletter on coach travel to Europe. Of course, I knew you could go by coach, but I admit it’s not the first thing I thought of for travelling to Europe. I’ve used coaches for travelling around the U.K. a few times, and of course as you may know by now, my preferred mode of transport to the airport is coach. I just hadn’t thought about it for Europe.

I looked at coach prices on National Express and GoEuro and the prices were great. Nearly half the price of a one-way ticket for a flight or Eurostar, and the price was for a return fare!

A mini break booked

With coach prices coming in at around £55 (return!), next was the hotel. I knew Paris could be a little expensive, but I was prepared for high prices. Luckily, I found a few decent options and (eventually) narrowed them down.

So, I found myself a little mini break (travel and a hotel) for £179.



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