11 cool things to see and do in Bruges and Ghent

Climb the Historium Tower (Bruges)

If you find that the queue to climb up the Belfry is too long or you want a full panoramic vista, head across Market Square (Markt) to the Historium Tower is a historical building which opened to the public in 2018.

View from Historium - Bruges
View from Historium - Bruges

With only 145 steps, the tower may not be as tall as the Belfry (365 steps), but it has the advantage of beautiful 360 degree views of Market Square and at a fraction of the cost.


Tall and proud Historium - Bruges
Historium - Bruges
Historium platform - Bruges_RiA Vistas
Historium platform - Bruges

A ticket to the viewing platform will cost you approximately €7 (price as of August 2019).

Extra large waffles at Lizzie’s (Bruges

I came across Lizzie’s Wafels and had to stop by.  Not too far from Grote Markt, this place does some really large waffles!

Starting at €7 for the waffle base and with toppings ranging from chocolate sauce, strawberry’s, warm cherries, vanilla ice cream and banana, you can easily share a waffle between two.  We saw a few other people do that and a couple that didn’t. Let’s just say the look on their faces said it all – they were not expecting that size!

Stopping by Lizzie's Wafels in Bruges
Lizzie's Wafels - Bruges
Some real tasty waffles at Lizzie's Wafels - Bruges
Lizzie's Wafles - Bruges

Take a horse and cart ride (Bruges)

You’ll hear the clip clop in the distance of horses hooves and will eventually see lovely horse drawn carts around the town. It’s a good way to see some of Bruges’ landmarks and get your bearings, the horse and cart ride in It’ll cost you around €50 for about 35 minutes (price in Aug 2019).

Horse and cart at Grote Markt - Bruges
Horse and cart at Grote Markt - Bruges
Take a horse and cart around Bruges
Horse and cart ride - Bruges
Another horse and cart in Bruges
Horse and cart - Bruges

Go on a canal boat trip (Ghent/Bruges)

A trip along the canal in Bruges or in Ghent is perfect on a sunny day. There are boat companies to choose from and the price will differ.  Try this one from Get Your Guide for Ghent and this one in Bruges.

There’s also Boottochten Boats in Bruges which departs near The Church of our Lady on Dijver canal and lasts about 30 minutes.

Boottochten Boats -Dijver canal - Bruges_RiA Vistas
Dijver canal - Bruges
A canal boat in Ghent
Canal boat - Ghent
Beautiful Ghent Canal
Ghent Canal - Ghent

Try some nose of Ghent

You have to try some of the well known Belgium sweet while in the city. It’s called the Nose of Ghent. Officially known as Cuberdon, the cone shaped sweet is made of fruit that’s baked in the oven and blended with Arabic gum.  The nose of Ghent became popular following a candy cone war between two men that started selling the sweets.

Try some nose of Ghent
Nose of Ghent

Pick up a bargain at Dijver market (Bruges)

Once you pass The Church of Our Lady and walk up toward Rozenhoedkaai, you’ll stumble upon Dijver Market.  The flea market is open at the weekend only, is very popular and is adjacent to the river.  A nice view as you look for a bargain!

Along Dijver Market - Bruges
Along Dijver Market - Bruges

The Basilica of the Holy Blood (Bruges)

The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a Catholic Church located in Bruges.  It’s a beautiful church that’s tucked away in the corner of Burg Square next to Bruges Town Hall.  The church is a well known tourist spot since it’s believed to house the blood of Christ on a piece of cloth on a vile.  

Wander Korenmarkt square (Ghent)

Ghent’s square, Korenmarkt, has plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes surrounding it all of which are in beautiful historical buildings. It’s a very popular location, making it a busy area and transport hub for buses and trams.  Korenmarkt is not that far from the Leie river so you can grab a coffee nearby.  

Stop by Rozenhoedkaai (Bruges)

A well-known spot and one of the most popular places to take a snap in Bruges.  You’ve probably seen it yourself in pictures yourself. Just a 5 minute walk from Grote Markt is where you’ll find Rozenhoedkaai – the Quay of the Rosary.

Make sure you take a few minutes there to adore the architecture of the classical buildings.  

Stunning Rozenhoedkaai - Bruges
Rozenhoedkaai - Bruges

Try some Belgium chocolate (Bruges/Ghent)

There are many shops selling chocolate – and lots of it! You can’t leave Belgium without buying some chocolate. I picked up some chocolate covered rice crispy rice cakes from a shop in Bruges. 

Stroll around Grote Market (Bruges)

Known as Markt, the square is the central pout in the town. You’ll find the horse and carts are located there and there are restaurants and cafes all around the square itself. You may that there’s a concert going on or other activities taking place in the square.

Stunning Rozenhoedkaai - Bruges
Rozenhoedkaai - Bruges

Have you visited either Bruges or Ghent?  

Let me know what you got up to in the comment section further below.  

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