Greece – I’m coming back!

After hearing the name Meteora on one of my previous trips to Greece and then seeing pictures of this place, I knew I had to visit. Greece – I’m coming back again!

Greece - visiting the amazing Meteora

What captured my attention was the amazing rock formations. When I looked at pictures, the rocks looked out of this world – like something you’d see in film. But it wasn’t just the mysterious rocks that peaked my interest (see what I did there lol?) – it was the monasteries too. Perched on top or built into the sides of the rocks were six beautiful monasteries. I want to learn more about this amazing place, how Meteora was formed and it’s history.
I was fascinated by it all and couldn’t wait to get up close and personal!

Greece has been a favourite of mine since visiting on my first solo trip to the beautiful island of Santorini.  I’m excited to be visiting Meteora as well as Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. I adored the country and the people – always friendly and happy to take time with you.  I had Meteora down as one of my travel bucket list lace’s to visit in 2018. I’m glad I was able to confirm a trip

More than Meteora

Meteora wouldn’t be my only stop. I’d be combining a few nights in Meteora with a stay in the city of Thessaloniki. The city was somewhere I’d wanted to visit for a while. I’d also spend a few days in Halkidiki too on one of its “legs”.
Hopefully this trip will be the perfect blend of adrenaline and adventure in and around Meteora, mixed with city vibes in Thessaloniki, topped off with some chill time by the beach


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