8 tips if you’ve just booked a Santorini boat tour, Greece

If you’re anything like me, when you book a trip, tour or any part of your holiday, you want to know how to prepare or will have questions. The same happened when I booked my first ever solo trip and booked a Santorini boat tour through my hotel. Have you just booked or would like to book a Santorini boat tour? If it’s all sorted or is already on your list to get booked, here are my 8 tips for a Santorini boat tour.  

A Santorini boat tour

There are a handful of boat tours to choose from so if you haven’t done so yet, I’d recommend an all-day Santorini Caldera boat tour.  It’s a great option if you’re looking for a bit of history, something extraordinary (like hiking up a volcano) and wonderful views. Some of the tours will start at different times of the day or use a variety of boats to offer tailored experiences, but most of the boat tours will take you around the Caldera.  On Caldera tours you tend to visit the volcano, hot springs, Thirasia island, and Oia where you’ll be able to watch the sunset. They’ll differ depending on who you go with or whether you opt for a full or half day.

Santorini boat trip - solo travel
Santorini Caldera full day boat trip

Visiting the volcano

  1. Entry to the volcano is unlikely to be included in the cost of your boat tour, so double check. Just in case it isn’t, it’s a €2.50 fee.
  1. The walk to the top of the crater is very rocky, so wear something sturdy like trainers, hiking boots or a good pair of plimsolls. If you have no other choice but to wear sandals, then make sure they have a strap to stop your feet slipping.
  1. Depending on which type of tour you take, you’ll be on the volcano for at least 1 hour, if not more. Take a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated and maybe even a light snack.
  1. Take sun cream, a hat or a light shawl to cover your shoulders! It’s really hot there and there’s no real shade at all.

The hot springs

  1. The springs contain an orange-red mud that can stain your swimwear. Consider wearing an old or your least favourite swim suit or shorts.
  1. The boat doesn’t dock very close to the springs and you have to swim a bit in order to get to the main area. If you’re not a strong swimmer, best to stay on or near the boat.

The route to Fira

  1. When you reach the Old Port, you’ll need to make your way up to the Caldera cliffs to Fira. You have three options: donkey, walking or cable car. The cable car takes about 3-5 minutes to reach the top. If you walk, you’ll have to climb over 550 steps and battle with the donkeys – they use the same path. Our group were told to take the donkeys, but if I go this route again, I’ll take the cable cars!
  1. Have your camera ready because whichever route up you take, the views are fantastic!
Cliff close up - Santorini
Cliff close up - Santorini

Hope these tips help or at least spark some thoughts! Just one thing to note – not all Caldera tours will offer the exact same route or stops. They may differ slightly depending on the length or who you go with. Pick one that suits you. If you’ve already been on a boat tour in Santorini, I’d love to hear you story.

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