My trip to Portugal – AT LAST!

If you could see how excited I was that my trip to Portugal (at last) had come, you’d probably think I was being over the top. But I was really looking forward to it!

Portugal had been on my bucket list for a little while so I was pleased that 2018 was the year I was finally going to visit.

Despite booking my flights in March (for a trip in October) I had so much going on between then – a new job and other trips in between, like my most recent one to Paris.

It wasn’t until the end of August when I was able to start looking into exactly where and what I wanted to do while there.

I booked to fly into Lisbon, but I’d fly home from Porto.  I decided to stay for ten days so anything was an option in between both cities.

Originally, I wanted to visit Lisbon, Porto and Faro – I mean, if was going to Portugal, how could I not visit all three?

It could be done in ten days of course, but I didn’t want to feel  rushed.  I wanted to make sure I had enough time in both Lisbon and Porto, so figured I’d leave the south for another time.  Doing this meant I’d be able to take some day trips to the likes of Sintra, Belém or Braga

Change of plan

What did I do..?  I ended up adding another place to my itinerary.  

I decided that I would also stay for a few days in Estoril.  I wanted to relax a bit before heading to Lisbon as I knew I would be all over from then onwards.  I found a lovely hostel not too far from the beach which was perfect.

Roll on Portugal!

Read my first post on my trip to Portugal, a review of Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites.

Follow my journey through Portugal!


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