5 of my favourite beach bars in Kassandra, Halkidiki you should visit

Spending time on one of the legs of Halkidiki is always full of things to do as it’s quite easy to get to the different villages and resorts and ancient sites.  If you’re looking for a few relaxing spots in between seeing the sights, read on for 6 of my favourite beach bars in Kassandra, Halkidiki you should visit.


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1. Beach Bar Ακρόγιαλο, Afytos

  Located a 5-minute drive from the centre of the village of Afytos, Beach Bar Akrogialo made a nice stop for me for breakfast.  I started out early on the morning of my visit and drove just under 10 minutes from the town of Kallithea, where I was staying.  It was one of the first beach bars on Kassandra I visited.  The bar staff were friendly and very helpful. Arriving anytime before 10.30 or 11am means you can pick the best spot to sit with a good view.

Looking out from Ακρόγιαλο, Afytos - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Looking out from Ακρόγιαλο, Afytos beach bar

There were sun beds and parasols down on the beach and in the bar itself there were other seating areas available from a breakfast bar style to full on tables and chairs.  You can use the sun beds but you’ll be charged €10 — on top of anything else you buy.  If you sit in any of the upstairs bar areas, then it’s free.

Fruit mix and juice at Ακρόγιαλο, Afytos Halkidiki _RiA Vistas
Breakfast at Ακρόγιαλο Beach Bar in Afytos
Akrogialo - Afytos Beach Bar - Halkidiki Kassandra_RiA Vistas
Akrogialo Beach Bar, Afytos

Address: Παραλία Αθύτου, 63077 Kassándra, Greece

Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/b8fUSadNHNvnA8i96

2. Koursaros Beach Bar, Paliouri

Koursaros is another one of the lovely beach bars on Kassandra.  It’s very spacious and has a open layout and format. They’ll add a €4 additional charge if you want to use a sun lounger and parasol.  I’ve actually been to this bar before when I took the Torroneous tour from Neos Marmaras when I visited Halkidiki previously in 2019.

Koursáros Bar in Kassandra - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Koursáros Bar in Paliouri, Halkidiki
Lunch at Koursáros Bar - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Lunch at Koursáros Bar - Halkidiki

You’ll likely stop here for a few hours as part of the trip depending on which provider you choose at Neos Marmaras or where you buy your ticket.

Address: Paliouri 630 85, Greece.

Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/KXhVhRxxVehXg3bPA

3. Lotos Beach Bar, Kallithea

Lotos is a relaxing little beach bar right in the main town of Kallithea.  Depending on where you access the beach, it’s a little further up from the lifeguard station closest to the Amon Zeus hotel and next to Corali Bar.

Overlooking the beach from Lotos Beach Bar in Kallithea - solo travel
The beach from Lotos Beach Bar in Kallithea
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Lotos Bar in Kallithea - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Lotos Bar in Kallithea
Lunch at Lotos Bar - Kallithea - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Lunch at Lotos Bar - Kallithea

The food is very tasty and plentiful.  I ordered a Greek Salad forgetting just how large salads are in Greece and souvlaki and chips.  It’s in a great position as the bar overlooks the beach with views of the sea.

Address: Epar.Od. Paliouriou-Afitou 2, Kallithea 630 77, Greece.

Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/hVNMZHX394WDY91F7


4. Babewatch Beach Bar, Skala Fourkas

Babewatch Beach Bar is located in Skala Forks, Kassandra.  I loved this little beach bar.  It had such a welcoming, tropical vibe right from the entrance. It had beautiful decor with wooden and white which stood out.

The sun beds are free to use when you order something.  Now, that could have been because it was near end of season and a lot quieter than usual.  However, there are many beach bars that have this policy where you order and the sun beds are free to use. 

Babe Watch Skala Fourkas- Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Babe Watch Beach Bar Skala Fourkas- Halkidiki
Babe Watch Beach bar -Halkidiki - Kassandra_RiA Vistas
Babe Watch Beach bar - Scala Fourkas, Halkidiki
Babe Watch Skala Fourkas - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Babe Watch Skala Fourkas - Halkidiki

It was a nice stretch of beach and there was more than enough parking right next to the bar and in the large field next to it.  The main town is about a 5-10 minute walk away.   If you’re in the area, definitely pass by.  The staff are friendly as is the bar dog, who also gives you a nice welcome.

Address: Babewatch beach bar, Skala Fourkas 630 77, Greece.

Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/Ag8scrMeMVBqJkZUA

5. Amfora Restaurant Beach Bar, Polychrono

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, Amfora Restaurant and Bar is a must-visit. It’s part of Sea Level Hotel.  It’s in a great location right in front of the sea and the food is certainly worth it.

Meal at Amfora Bar - Halkidiki Kassandra_RiA Vistas
Meal at Amfora Bar - Halkidiki
Dessert at Amfora Bar - Kassandra_RiA Vistas
Dessert at Amfora Bar

I opted to have a timeout from the traditional Greek dishes I’d been eating and instead ordered a penne bolognese.  It was a nice main course – not too heavy with the meat and the tomato sauce was beautifully smooth.  

I then ordered a lemon tart with a lemon and basil sorbet dessert and a few chops of chocolate and fruit.  The presentation was mouth-watering and I almost didn’t want to spoil how lovely it looked.  But I did and it was lovely!   Amfora has both indoor and outdoor seating with the tables outside overlooking the beach and sea.

Address: Polychrono, 63085 Políkhronon, Greece.

Map linkhttps://goo.gl/maps/1849dsYmf86g1ym6A

Try and stop by at least one of these beach bars in Kassandra, Halkidiki’s second leg.  If you do, check the time of year of your visit because some of these bars may not open until the spring and will close during mid-late September.

For more on Halkidiki, check out the Halkidiki destination page.

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