The possibility of travel during COVID-19 in 2021

2021 marks my 5th year of solo travel.   Just like you I’m sure, I was hopeful that travel in 2021 would resume to some sort of  normality.  Disappointment followed early on… Many countries across the world ended 2020 with a lockdown and started 2021 with one too.  The possibility of travel during COVID-19 in 2021 was slipping further away and the long wait begins.

Despite uncertainty around travel during COVID-19, I’ve already started making flexible plans for a trip later on this year.  I was hopeful.

 I want to be in “ready-to-go” mode if we’re given the green light – or maybe amber – if we were to base things on the UK government’s travel traffic light system!  Good thing actual traffic lights don’t operate in the same way!  That would be another story….

So, how would I mark my 5th anniversary of solo travel?


I’d be going back to the county where it all started of course, Greece!  My first solo travel trip was to this beautiful country back in 2016.  

I’d travelled to Santorini, one of the Cyclades islands.  Since then, my passion for solo travel grew and so too did my love for Greece.  I’ve already visited Greece many times and I’m determined not to let COVID-19 get in the way of my return there in 2021.

But what would travel during COVID-19 look like?  While that thought continues to run through my mind, I need to decide whether to go back to Santorini.  

I’m already thinking of visiting another Greek island instead…



Travel before Covid-19- solo travel_RiA Vistas
Days of travel past... before COVID-19
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