5 of the best beaches in Sithonia, Halkidiki

Beautiful Sithonia is the second leg of Halkidiki’s (Chalkidiki) three peninsulas. Kassandra is the first and Athos the third.

With more than 60 beaches dotted around Sithonia’s coastline, you’ll seriously be spoilt for choice! Follow me as I hop between 5 of the best beaches in Sithonia to help you decide. I started my journey at Neos Marmaras as I was staying in for the duration of my time in Halkidiki. From there I drove to my first stop – Kalamitsi beach. 

Kalamitsi Beach

Located in the southern tip of Sithonia, Kalamitsi is a beautiful mid-sized beach. With finely pebbled sand, you’ll find crystal clear waters and plenty of cafes and bars.

Cano Kalamitsi beach
Cano at Kalamitsi beach

The majority of the beach is organised with loungers, beanbags and umbrellas – depending on which bar you choose. I spent time at Cano Kalamitsi, an all-day lounge beach bar. Try their Cano Kalamitsi Omelette. It’s packed with bacon, peppers, onion and feta (or cheddar) cheese. Nostima!

There’s no fee required to use the beach bar loungers but you do have to buy a drink or something to eat. After that, you can lounge around for as long as you like.

There are toilet facilities available at Kalamitsi beach.

Kalamitsi beach Sithonia
Stretch of beach at Kalamitsi
Cano Kalamitsi beach
Cano Kalamitsi beach

Platanitsi Beach

About a 20 min drive from Kalamitsi, is where you’ll find Platanitsi beach. What starts off as a bit of a walk (about 5 or so minutes) through a pretty large camping site, you finally reach Platanitsi’s shores. The beach is beautiful! It was very peaceful and compared to Kalamitsi, it was definitely less busy.

Boasting views of the forbidden Mount Athos – well for women anyway – golden, mostly fine pebbled sand and turquoise waters greet you. You can chill out and order a beverage from the Africafe beach bar or if you’re in need of an adrenaline fix, you can try some water sports at the Aquaspeed Watersport Centre. There are toilet and washroom facilities located at the Africafe beach bar.  

Platanitsi beach - Sithonia
Platanitsi beach, Sithonia

Kavourotripes Beach

Continuing up the coast, you’ll come across one of the most well-known beaches on Sithonia. It’s loved by both locals and many tourists and was one of the places I got told to visit by people around where I was staying. You may have heard Kavourotripes beach referred to as Portokali. In English, that’s Orange Beach.

Portokali Orange beach
Portokali Orange Beach from above, Sithonia

It’s certainly different compared to my first two stops.  As you drive along the dirt path or wander through pine trees, you’re sure to wonder where the beach actually is…. when you finally come to an opening you see a small kiosk – just look down. In a cove beneath you is the little beach people rave about.  


There’s also another side where rocks slope into the water and where many people sunbathe. There’s no real shelter, so in case you don’t manage to get a spot in this little cove, you  should bring an umbrella to get any real shade.

Table with a view - Portokali beach
Table with a view - Portokali beach
Portokali beach from the water
Portokali beach from the water, Sithonia

It’s not that big at all and I heard it gets ridiculously packed during high season. I was lucky having arrived late in the afternoon there were still loungers available Before you head down, by the kiosk you’ll find a little table with tree trunks chairs that overlook the Aegean Sea. Pure bliss.     

Looking down it’s a picture of paradise. You’ll think you made a wrong (or right) turn into the Caribbean. The rocks to either side of the cove give it a snug feeling and the waters are warm and clear.  


Achlada beach

Not one that I’d heard before arriving in Sithonia, Achlada was a beach I stumbled on.  As I was driving I caught a glimpse of a sign for a beach so thought I’d take a look.  I turned around and it turned out that I’d made a great choice.

Achlada is a very quiet and picturesque beach. It has very, very shallow waters (great for kids) and soft golden sand. Definitely makes for a nice, relaxing stop. It’s perfect for chilling out without the crowds although it may be very busy in July and August.

Achlada beach - Sithonia
Beautiful Achlada beach, Sithonia

There’s a small beach bar and once again, if buy a drink or something to eat, you can use the loungers and parasols for free.

Kriaritsi Beach

The term off the beaten track is an understatement when you’re making your way to Kriaritisi. Now, I went to a handful of beaches during my trip to Sithonia but I have to say that Kriaritsi was the only one to make me pull over and consult Google maps. Even from the main road, the beach is another 8 or 10-minute drive along a part tarmac, part gravel roads. It’s only when you get a little closer that the beach comes into view.

Road to Kriaritisi beach
Road to Kriaritisi beach
Kriaritisi beach Sithonia
Kriaritisi beach, Sithonia

When you finally get there it’s defo worth it! Once you pass the car and caravan park, a long stretch of very fine pebble, almost white sand beach greets you. The turquoise-blue, crystal-clear Aegean Sea gently hugs the curve of the beach edge. There’s actually two stretches of beach – I was on the larger one.

There’s a smaller alcove further along to the right-hand side when you enter. You’ll also find a volleyball net, shower and a small beach bar. Like all of the beaches I visited, you can use the launchers for free if you purchase a drink or snack.

Kriaritisi beach bar
Kriaritisi beach bar
Kriaritisi - stretching far and wide
Kriaritisi - stretching far and wide

I did stop by a few other beaches along the way including Kalogria, Spatheise, Koviou and Lanagoman.

A few more beaches in Sithonia you should visit! Let me know of any others you’ve visited or if you’re planning a trip to Sithonia soon.   When I visited Greece I was in Greece in June once again. For me it’s one of the best times to visit the country. No doubt visiting in higher season (July and August) may mean the beaches I visited which were quiet, may not be during these times.


Where I stayed
I stayed in Neos Marmaras. I found it was one of the best villages to stay in as it had a mix of everything from bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and of course the port proving easy access for tours and to neighbouring villages and beaches.

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