A morning at Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi, Loutra Halkidiki 

A spa located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.  The perfect way to spend a morning is at the beautiful Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi, Loutra Halkidiki.

Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi

On Halkidiki’s second leg, Kassandra, you’ll find the Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi.  

It’s a great place to visit to help you relax, rejuvenate your body and release your mind.

What sets this spa apart is not just its cliff side location — the water used in both pools is pumped directly up from the sea.  By using a combination of sea water and minerals, the water has therapeutic benefits to help with the likes of bone and joint diseases, tendinitis and arthritis. 

It can also help some dermatological conditions such as Seborrheic Dermatitis, Acne, Eczematoid and Psoriasis. 

What to expect

You’ll have to check in and choose what you’d like to do at the spa at the reception.  You’ll then need to either make your way down the hall to your left if you’re going to use the pool or other spa facilities.  If you’re booked in for a massage you’ll head in the opposite direction toward the treatment rooms.
Facilities and amenities

At Therma Spa you’ll find an indoor and outdoor pool.  Both have the same therapeutic waters and you can sit under funnels to let gushes of water massage your body.  There’s a restriction on how long you should spend in these waters because of the minerals, so please check with staff if you’ve not been told before entering.

Pool at Therma Spa - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
The indoor pool at Therma Spa
Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi - Halkidiki Kassandra_RiA Vistas
Sunbeds at Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi

In terms of numbers in the pools, staff keep an eye on how many people are in them at one time.  A maximum of 20 allowed in the indoor pool and 24 in the outside one.  If you’re outside, you can also rent one of the sun beds on the terrace.

To use both the indoor and outdoor pools you can pay a combined price for 30 minutes.  If you want to be in the main shared pools, you can pay to use the private pol baths for 30 minutes.  Please check the prices at the Therma Spa website. 

It’s not just pools — you’ll find a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi’s at the spa too.

Sauna at Therma Spa Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Sauna at Therma Spa

To make more use of your time, you can opt for one of the spa packages which will give you use of the pool, sauna and steam room.  If you’ve arrived unprepared, don’t worry, you can rent a towel and robe. 

There’s no need to book in advance.  I didn’t and was able to use the facilities I wanted as it wasn’t busy.  However, I did travel closer to the end of the season and was there early in the morning after it opened.

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What's nearby

There are a few things nearby if you want to make more of your visit.  You’ll find two or three restaurants and beach bars not too far away, and a supermarket.  If you’re visiting closer to low season, the supermarket will not be open.  You can also visit the nearby village, Loutra.

Close to the spa you’ll find a path leading down to a quiet and secluded pebble beach cove.

The little cove at St George Beach - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas

How to get to the Therma Spa

Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi is located on Kassandra, Halkidiki’s first “leg”.

By car, scooter or quad bike
If you’re already staying on Kassandra, it’s easier to reach the spa since it’s located on this leg of Halkidiki.

I hired a car during my stay so I was able to drive from Kallithea, a town in Kassandra.  It took me about 30-35 minutes to get there and was pretty straightforward with just one wrong turn.

If you’re in Sithonia, the second leg, depending on where you’re staying it can take anywhere from one to just over two hours if you’re driving.

By bus
There is a bus stop right outside the spa, so getting there is possible without a car.  You’d need to use the Halkidiki KTEL bus service and the bus operates from Thessaloniki to Loutra.  For routes starting in and around Halkidiki, you’ll need to contact the spa for more details.

Snack at Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi - Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Snack time
Therma Spa outdoor pool - Agia Paraskevi Halkidiki_RiA Vistas
Therma Spa outdoor pool - Agia Paraskevi


Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi
Loutra 630 85 Kassandra Halkidiki
Phone : +30 23740 71358

email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi - Halkidiki Kassandra_RiA Vistas
Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi clifftop, Kassandra, Greece

If you’re looking for more relaxation during your trip to Kassandra, Halkidiki, visit the Therma Spa Agia Paraskevi!

For more tips, advice or places to stay, visit the Halkidiki destination page
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