6 cool bars to visit in Dubrovnik and Hvar if you’re a solo traveller

When you finally decide to go on a solo travel trip it can take a little getting used to. You may want to check out a few bars or restaurants but if you’re used to doing so with friends, you may find it uncomfortable hanging out on your own. If you’re in Croatia and want to know a few places where it’s busy enough you won’t stick out but has a nice atmosphere to help you make friends too, here’s 6 cool bars to visit in Dubrovnik and Hvar for solo travellers.

Dubrovnik bars

Banje Beach Bar

Banje Beach is a restaurant, lounge bar and night club located rigt by the sea.  It’s not too far from Dubrovnik’s Old Port which makes it easy to get to.

Banje’s a nice spot as it has different areas to chill out in.  There’s the indoor lounge and bar with its high bar stools and sofas or you can step out to its open area with slim high tables and parasols.  It’s great for getting a bit of sun but not too much!  There’s also the rooftop deck and the restaurant.

If you’re travelling solo it’s a cool place that offers a blend of relaxing by the beach which is a stones throw away.  You can grab a snack in the sun, chill inside or visit at night since Banje turns into an open-air night club.   It can be quite busy, so you could easily spend time here with a drink and not feel too out of place.  You may even end up making friends because it has a nice chilled atmosphere.

Banje opens from 10am. The night club is seasonal (being open-air) so usually opens from about April and depending on the weather it can stay open until early November.


Banje Beach Bar outside area
Banje Beach Bar, Dubrovnik
Banje Beach - Dubrovnik
Banje Beach - Dubrovnik

Bard Mala Buža Bar

Now this is definitely a bar worth visiting!  Located on the cliffside of the old town, Bard Mala Buža Bar is a great place to grab a drink with the added bonus of a fantastic view while you’re at it!

If you can find it (it’s neatly tucked away behind a little alcove off a lane called Ispod Mira 14) it’s a beautiful place to spend a bit of time.

There are tables and chairs staggered on platforms as well as a lower terrace where you can sunbathe or take a dip in the sea.  You can easily chill here on your own.  It’s nice and quiet if you want to get away from the crowds for a bit.  I did!

Tip — there’s another Buža Bar close by so make sure you have the right one!
View of popular Buža Bar
Buža Bar, Dubrovnik
Refreshing pit stop at Buža Bar
Refreshment at Buža Bar

Panorama Bar

If you find formal settings more of a challenge when you travel solo, then Panorama Bar gives you a nice balance go formal and informal so you can get used to it.

Panorama is a tourist hotspot since the popular Dubrovnik Cable Car takes you up to Mount Srd Hill (where you’ll find Panorama).  You have great views over the city, so going there just before sunset is a must-do!

Panorama Bar and Restaurant
Panorama Bar and Restaurant
Panorama cocktail - Dubrovnik - solo travel
Dubrovnik - from Panaorama Bar
Dubrovnik - from Panaorama Bar

The atmosphere is busy enough that you can blend in pretty nicely plus you’ll find handfuls of people taking pictures or milling about.  You can choose to hang out on the top deck or find a spot in the standing bar.  If you feel like challenging your ‘solo-ness’, you can try eating in the restaurant.  If you decide to do that, you should definitely book a table in advance.  The queue for the bar was long enough. If you visit before sunset and haven’t booked, you could be waiting a while!

I picked the standing bar while I was there.  I actually ended up sharing a table and made friends with a couple from the United States.


 If you’re looking for something a little different, spend some time in BOWA’s lounge bar.

Unlike the others it’s not the typical bar vibe you’d expect.  It’s not a late night bar nor is it in the heart of Dubrovnik Town.  You need to head to Šipan island so put aside at least half a day for this one.  It’s worth it!  Once you get to Šipan’s Sudurad port, using the regular ferry from Dubrovnik, you need to take a speedboat to get to the bay where BOWA’s located.  It only takes 5 minutes or so from Sudurad.

It’s completely different and more tranquil than anything else.  It offers a view that could almost match that of any Caribbean island.

BOWA is beautiful.


The Lounge at BOWA_RiA Vistas
The Lounge at BOWA
Lounge view at BOWA_RiA Vistas
Lounge view at BOWA
Hugo Spritz - BOWA Restaurant Dubrovnik_RiA Vistas

Hvar bars

Nautica Bar, Hvar

Located right by the main harbour in Hvar Town, Nautica Bar is one of the popular bars along that strip.  It’s more spacious than it looks from the outside with high comfy seating and a dance floor. 

The decor is really quirky with wallpaper and some cool, large light bulbs hanging above the bar.  The lights illuminate large screens set up behind the bar.

Bar at Nautica bar, Hvar
Bar at Nautica bar, Hvar
Bar Nautica - Hvar
Bar Nautica - Hvar
Nautica Bar - Hvar

Nautica serves more than 100 different cocktails and shooters so you’ll be spoilt for choice!  I decided to try a couple of Blue Hawaiians.

They usually have a happy hour where you can get a cocktail for about 60KN. It’s a really good price and cheapest I found out of the bars I visited in the town.

The vibe was good and they played a mix of 70s and 80s music.

Falko Beach Bar, Hvar

Falko is a quiet little beach bar further along the Hvar harbour.  It’s a lovely spot with sofas and hammocks.

You can grab a snack and drinks.  I ordered a Mr Orange for about 45KN.  It’s made with apple, orange and ginger homemade juice.  I decided to get something to eat too so had a bruschetta combo with tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado and prosciutto ham. Tasty!

Chilling at Falko Cafe and Bar
Chilling at Falko Cafe and Bar
Falko Cafe and Bar
Falko Cafe and Bar
Having a snack at Falko Cafe and Bar

If you sit near the front you gave a nice sea view.

  • They only take card for large amounts so make sure you have cash.
  • They charge about 100KN to use the sun loungers at the very front and below on the ledge.

If you’re in Hvar or Dubrovnik on a solo getaway (or even if you’re with friends and family) make sure to stop by one of these bars.   Let me know which you visit!

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