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If you want to get off the tourist track while in Split and are looking for something a little different, book some time to do some zip lining with ZIPLINE Croatia and take on the challenge!


Started by a few friends who had the idea of creating a fun, adrenaline-rushing activity over the canyons in Omiš, ZIPLINE Croatia has been around for many years.  

There are eight steel cables which descend across the canyon.  The longest one is 700m and is at a height of 150m above River Cetin. 

ZIPLINE Croatia is open all year round but mostly operational during summer and by advanced booking and appointment at other times.  On rainy or high wind days, it’s not possible to use the wire.   


About a 40-minute drive away by bus or car, you can easily do this activity in a trip from Split town for half a day.  It’s about 3km from Omiš.  The office is right next to the Canyon, the road where the bridge crosses over. 

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When you arrive and training

You should head straight to the ZIPLINE offices to pay for your session, to meet your guide and prepare. 

You first travel in a minibus to the location of the canyon and will be given the safety equipment (a helmet, gloves, and a belt) and harnesses you need.  Your guides will show you how to use them and you’ll have a mini training session with two short cables which are about 25 m long.  Your guide will then teach you how to use your harnesses and how you should prepare and use the equipment when you’re on the zip wire. 

My group had Gujo and Domino as our guides.

The ZipLine Agency - Omiš_RiA Vistas
The ZipLine Agency - Omiš
Pre-Zip lessons - ZipLine Croatia
Pre-Zip lessons - ZipLine Croatia
Up we go - ZIPLINE Croatia_RiA Vistas
Up we go - ZIPLINE
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The first wire

To get to the first wire it’s about a 10-minute hike.  It’s the longest wire at 700m across the canyon and is slightly banana shaped. 

It’s an amazing experience and you take it in turns to zip over to the other side.  If you wanted to you could go with one of the guides if you were feeling nervous or wanted to take pictures.

ZipLine Croatia - longest zip wire_RiA Vistas
The first and longest zip wire

Once you’ve done one cable you move onto the next working your way through each of them.  The fourth is the second longest at 450m but is quite steep.  It has beautiful views right over the canyon. 

The sixth cable wire is what they called the “one hand selfie” wire — it’s a shorter distance of 100-130m. 

The entire length of all the cables is approximately 2100m.  To cross the entire length of all the cables, groups must be accompanied by at least two guides.  If there’s about 10 of you in your group, it’ll probably take you about two and a half hours to complete. 

The finishing point is 50m from the road where a vehicle waits to take participants back to the ZIPLINE agency in Omiš.

Once your experience is over, you’ll head back to or wait for the minibus to return to the ZIPLINE offices. 

My ZIPLINE Croatia experience


    • It costs 400,000 kn (at the time of writing) They only take cash for payment. Make sure you have the exact money, if possible.
    • Take a bottle of water (max 1 litre) with you as you’ll need it.
    • If you’re booking as a group, the maximum number of people allowed is 12.  You can arrange for an overall group as large as 50. You’ll just be split up.  The minimum age is 7.
    • If you’re travelling alone, you’ll just join a smaller group of other people.
    • Wear comfortable shoes like walking boots or trainers as you’ll be walking a bit across rocks
    • Make sure you wear sensible clothing — this will be dependent on the weather.

ZIPLINE Croatia contact details 

Address: Josipa Pupačića 4, Omiš, Croatia

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: +385 (0) 95 82 22 221
+385 (0) 21 756 961

It’s one of the best activity experiences I’ve done and I’d do it again.  The views are incredible, and our guides were friendly and fun. 

If you’re staying in Split or Omiš and have time, try the Zip Line Croatia — take the challenge!

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