8 things you can see and do in Formentera in 48 hours

Formentera is absolutely gorgeous, tranquil and full of things to see and do.

Being a relatively small island, it’s pretty easy to get around. If you’re staying for a couple of nights, here are 8 things you must see and do in Formentera in 48 hours!

1. Be amazed at Platja de Ses Illetes

Stunning!! It only needs one word and that has to be it. Since I was staying in Es Puljols, Platja de Ses Illetes was a 10-minute drive away.

Ses Illetes beach - Formentera_RiA Vistas
Ses Illetes beach - Formentera

Known for having a long, sandy strip – with the sea enveloping it on both sides – Ses Illetes is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Many people flock to it especially in summer months when it becomes very busy. I went in low season so there was less of a crowd generally which was perfect. I got up early and was on my own on this beautiful beach for well over an hour.  

I took in the view undisturbed – it was fantastic! You really can’t visit Formentera without spending some time at Ses Illetes. Make sure it’s on your listing things to see and do while on the island!  

2. Es Cap de Barbaria

The lighthouse that’s at the edge of Formentera’s south side is Es Cap de Barbaria. On its own at the cliff edge, this lighthouse has become a key symbol of the island.

Cap de Barbaria - Formentera_RiA Vistas
Cap de Barbaria - Formentera

When it finally comes into view it’s quite breathtaking!  It’s literally the only thing you see as you approach and on a good day, the white paint of its frame stands out against the blue of the sky. It definitely graces the surroundings with its presence as it owns the landscape around it.  

3. Relax on Cala Soana beach

The place to relax and unwind after your drive to Cap de Barbaria lighthouse has to be on Cala Soana beach.

Cala Soana Beach - Formentera_RiA Vistas
Cala Soana Beach - Formentera

The beach almost creeps up on you as you walk down the wooden path toward it. Red rocks surround either side of the cove and is framed by the blue and turquoise colour of the sea. Going slightly out of season has its advantages as the beach was near empty with only a handful of families, a few young groups and couples.  

4. Stop for a coffee or shop in San Francesc

A quaint little town with souvenir shops, artisan outlets, clothes shops and cafés, line the streets around San Francesc. You can grab a milkshake at Mukkeria or a coffee at Café de l’ Havana where I stopped for a tea.

San Francesc - Formentera_RiA Vistas
San Francesc - Formentera
Fonda Plate - San Francesc, Formentera_RiA Vistas
Fonda Plate - San Francesc, Formentera

In the main square you’ll find restaurants, some shops and a beautiful bright white church. When I was there the town was lively with music and pop up stalls selling books and other things.

5. Pamper yourself!

The best thing about Formentera is that it’s the perfect place to unwind and relax. To make it even more of a retreat, you could visit one of the spas on the island.

Sa Padrera - Formentera_RiA Vistas
Sa Padrera Spa - Formentera

Some spas include Sa Pedrera in Es Puljols, Hotel Cala Soana near Cala Soana beach and Es Marès in San Francesc.  There are also other hotels that have their own spa and or beauty facilities.

Sa Padrera - Formentera_RiA Vistas


Sa Padrera Spa massage room – Formentera_RiA Vistas

You can pamper yourself with a massage, take a dip in the pool or sweat it out in the steam room. I spent a few hours at Sa Pedrera in Es Puljols. They offer a spa pass for €25 (at the time of visiting – April 2019) and you can use all of the facilities – an outdoor heated pool, steam room, sauna and a hot tub. Although my hotel offered some beauty treatments, they suggested I visit Sa Padrera as they have more facilities such as the sauna, steam room.

6. Es Calo de San Agusti

With lovely rocky alcoves and a stretch of beach further on, Es Calo is a traditional fishing village. Crystal clear waters splash up against the rocks and wooden planks where you’ll find huts which house fishermen’s boats. It’s so beautiful there and feels like you’re in a completely different place to what you just left behind.

It makes for a nice stroll or to chill out on the beach. It’s the perfect place to relax for a few hours and take in the scene around you.  

Es Calo de San Agusti - Formentera_RiA Vistas
Es Calo de San Agusti - Formentera

7. Watch the sunrise

If you can try to find a spot to watch the sunrise one morning. Okay, so it’ll mean getting up early but one day out of your trip won’t hurt and hopefully the view will make up for it! Apart from the beautiful view, on the plus side you’re already up giving you a head start on your day.

Sunrise at Es Puljols - Formentera_RiA Vistas
Sunrise at Es Puljols - Formentera, Spain

I watched the sunrise from Platja des Puljols, the beach nearby my hotel but you can pretty much choose to watch the sunrise from anywhere.  

8. Estany des Peix pit stop

If you want to explore the area around La Savina port or you have time to spare while you wait for your ferry, have a walk around Estany des Peix. The harbour there is so gorgeous and is filled with little fishing boats just bobbing gently on the water. It’s located just along the stretch of road that leads to the port.  

Get an activity

If you have limited time on the island, these are just a few of the things you can do in Formentera in 48 hours!  Hope you enjoy you’re trip to Formentera as I did! Let me know if you were able to do any of the above and in the meantime, here’s a few more options!


If you’re planning how you’ll get to Formentera, you should read my post on How to get to Formentera island from Ibiza town!

Start your journey here and book your ferry to Formentera below!

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