How to get to Formentera island from Ibiza Town

Formentera is a beautiful island about 30-40 minutes away from Ibiza Town by boat. You’ll find getting to Formentera pretty easy, but it involves two journeys. You’ll need to take a flight and a ferry since the island doesn’t have its own airport. If you’ve never been and want to visit, here’s a rundown on how to get to Formentera island from Ibiza Town, Spain.

The journey – part one

Ibiza airport to Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

The first part of your journey is getting from the airport to Ibiza Town. Port d’Eivissa is the port for connections to Formentera island and is located in Ibiza Town. There are two options to get you there if you haven’t arranged a hire car or have a pick-up scheduled.  

Airport Bus

The cheapest way to get to Ibiza Town is by taking the L10 bus (The L just stands for line). It’s around €3.50 for a one-way single ticket (at the time of visiting – April 2019). It takes about 25-30 minutes or less depending on traffic.

Eivissa airport bus - Formentera
Eivissa airport bus - Formentera

The second option is to take a taxi which will cost you anywhere from €10 upwards. It’s quicker than the bus but on the other hand, it’s more expensive.  

  • As you reach the airport arrivals hall, look at the ground and you’ll see stickers which point in the direction of the bus stop. It’s literally on the same side and right outside the terminal building.
  • Try to have loose coins or small notes with you as bus drivers tend not to give more than €10 back in change.

In and around Ibiza Town

If you’re staying overnight when you get to Ibiza Town like I did or you’re staying a few days before heading to Formentera, swot up on some of the buses to help you get around:

Ibiza – other useful local buses
  • Bus L2 – to San Antonio Bay (from San Antonio bus station)
  • L3 – Eivissa to Sant Rafel and San Antonio.
  • Bus L9 – airport to San Antonio (summer only)
  • Bus L14 – Eivissa to Playa den Bossen
  • L13 – Evissia to Santa Eulària (The Hippie Market)
  • Bus timetables will differ depending on the season. In winter (Nov-April) the frequency is about every 30 mins. In summer (April-Oct) it’s less at every 15 mins (except the L8 which is 30 mins all year round).
  • For buses to San Antonio or Santa Eulària you can also use the bus top in the centre on Av d’Isidor Macabich.
  • Use the Ibiza Bus website to plan your route although from experience the times on the website and those at the bus stop differed! You can also download the app as well on iOS or Google Play store.
  • If you want to go clubbing while in Ibiza Town, you can catch a Discobus. They start running every night from June usually until late September.

The journey – part two

Getting from Ibiza Town to Formentera

The next stage of the journey will be a ferry ride to Formentera.

Located at Ibiza Town’s port, you’ll find four well-known ferries that make the journey to Formentera. They are:

You’ll find it easy to book all of your journeys online via each company directly on their website.

Trasmapi ferry - Ibiza Town
Trasmapi ferry - Ibiza Town
Mediterrania Pitiusa ferry - Formentera
Mediterrania Pitiusa ferry - Formentera
  • If you get sea sick or don’t like taking boats, it may be better to take a larger vessel like Trampasi or Balearia. The Aquabus and Mediterránea Pitiusa ferries are smaller so you may be more likely to feel the brunt of the journey.
  • I found that there wasn’t any announcements for the ferries at all. I thought I was going mad and kept listening out for any. Keep a close eye on the screens above the ticket windows!

You’ll find the local bus stop directly in front of you as you exit Formentera’s port, La Savina. If you need a taxi, you’ll find a rank to your left-hand side. If you’re looking to hire a car, there are plenty of car hire companies there too.

La Savina Port - Formentera
La Savina Port - Formentera
La Savina taxi rank - Formentera
La Savina taxi rank - Formentera
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