Da Tonino – a traditional trattoria in Rome

If you’re looking for a traditional spot to grab a bite to eat after a tiring day, then Da Tonino is somewhere you should visit. Recommended to me by a friend from Italy, this little restaurant is hidden in the old quarter of Rome, and near Piazza Navona. Here’s my review of Da Tonino – a trattoria in Rome.

Food and drink

When you see Da Tonino from the outside you can tell you’re going to enjoy the food. As a trattoria (an Italian informal style restaurant) it’s visited by both locals and tourists and serves reasonably priced homely and tasty food. With dainty frilly red and white window trim and checked red and white tablecloths, it’s style and décor’s quite traditional. A full menu greets you and there’s enough to choose from! From polpette di manzo (meatballs), bistecca (steak), involtini di manzo (beef rolls) and carciofo alla romana (artichokes), there’s a variety of options to suit. If you like your wine, then you’re in luck. They serve it in small carafes and for a very good price!

Da Tonino
A meal for one...

The atmosphere

Da Tonino is very popular so it can get quite busy. With that in mind, I got there early. Within 20 minutes of opening, the tables were full. It’s a very cosy atmosphere and although it was a lot quieter than I expected, there was still a buzz as people chatted and tucked into their food. The tasty food created the draw for sure – traditional Italian dishes.

Why you visit Da Tonino

If you’re looking for a different vibe and some traditional, tasty Italian dishes, then Da Tonino is the answer. The staff are warm, friendly and helpful. There are also plenty of dishes to choose from so you’ll find something you like I’m sure.

Rounding up a long day at Da Tonino will certainly see you into the evening – full on good food!

Via del Governo Vecchio 18-19 00186 Roma Italy.


If you fancy a desert and want to walk a bit of your meal off, you can visit Frigidarium, a small gelato bar a few minutes away. It has a nice range of ice cream to choose from. They don’t have a website (when I last checked) but you can look them up on Tripadvisor.

If you’re looking for the best places to visit on your trip to Rome, check out my post on 7 of the best things to see and do while in Rome!

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