Visiting the Red, White and Black beaches of Santorini

It was beach day!

I was going to visit the Red and White beaches of Santorini. On my second visit to Oia for the sunset, I’d met two people from Brazil. It was their first time in Greece as well and they were staying in Perissa. We’d travelled back from Oia together and decided to meet up the next day.

They were also going to the Red and White Beaches, but with a twist. They were driving quad bikes! They’d asked me if I wanted to come and of course it was a yes. Something else to tick off my list! It was the perfect opportunity. I’d arranged to meet them later in the morning, but I wasn’t going to be on my own – someone else was joining our beach day adventure. Before leaving for Oia, I’d met a lady who was staying at my hotel. She’d been trying to find a way to get to the same beaches and I’d suggested she could come with me.

The original plan of going to the beaches by boat was hijacked, especially when I came back and told her about going by quad bike.  She was up for it too since it was something she’d wanted to try as well. We needed to get a quad bike but once we had that sorted, we met the others at their hostel, filled up and were on our way.  

Red Beach

From Perissa, the Red Beach is a short drive away – much closer than I thought it would be. Within about 30 minutes we were looking for places to park. When you get to the Red Beach you can pretty much can park anywhere on the gravel area, just before the path down. Getting to the beach itself requires a little downhill walk, and although it’s a little treacherous, the view is worth it. It’s amazing! I’d never seen a beach like it before.

The Red Beach - Santorini - Greece
The Red Beach in Santorini, Greece

The rocks scattered around the water edge are a gorgeous burgundy red colour, and with a mix of black and red volcanic pebbles lining the shore, it looked a little surreal yet beautiful. Like being on another planet…. Mars perhaps! It was very busy, but we were able to find a little spot. Further up the beach you will see a few rows of loungers and parasols. We stayed on the beach for just under a couple of hours. We were in and out of the water and sunbathed. After seeing a number of little boats dock and leave, we found out that they were the ones that would take you to the White and Black Beaches. We decided to get the next one leaving.  

White Beach

As the only way to access the White Beach, the boat ride was quite short since it’s in a cove right next to the Red Beach.  Soon we were close to the shore and the boat crew dropped a ladder down. Everyone slowly made their way off the boat, stepping through the water to the beach. The sea bed is very pebbly. The difference in the beach was noticeable compared to the Red Beach – one being the huge white cliffs that surrounded the little hidden cove. Hence how it got its name.  

White Beach Santorini
The White Beach

The majority of the people that disembarked the little boat set up with towels not far from the water’s edge.  By the side of the beach is a large rock formation, creating an alcove which you can swim under.  Two of our group swam out to that part, while myself and one of the others stayed by the shore.  We went into the water for a little while, sitting on the pebbles beneath the crystal-clear water.   I have to admit I found it hard to stand or sit for too long as the sea bed was extremely pebbly and really hurt my feet.  

It’s amazing how spectacular the view is.   Either you’re looking out into the Aegean Sea or while in the water looking back toward the vast white cliff surrounding the beach.

Black Beach

Black beach
Black Beach, Santorini - passing by on the boat

We didn’t stop long on the black Beach – we docked there while others got off.  We then headed back to the Red Beach.  

Each Santorini beach has a slightly different vibe and feel to it, but all are amazing in their own way. 

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