A short break to snowy Stockholm, Sweden

When I’d originally penned my travel bucket list for 2019, I had a number of places in mind to visit. I wanted to go to Budapest but this time on my own, finally get to Croatia, spend more time in Portugal and Greece, and even find time to squeeze in a few trips closer to home like the Cotswold and Brighton….

However, Sweden wasn’t one of them. Yet a short break to snowy Stockholm, Sweden, was where I decided to go on my first trip of 2019.

Don’t you just love it when plans change!

Change of plans

You see, just because I had an idea of where I wanted to visit this year, didn’t mean they were set in stone. Not only is travelling part of the excitement, so to (for me anyway) is planning, doing something spontaneous and then changing course. See where things take you – that’s what I love about travelling on my own. Your thoughts may take you anywhere. For me, this time it was Sweden!

I’d actually been to Sweden in 2018, visiting Malmö on a day trip while I was in Copenhagen. Visiting Stockholm was already on my wider list, I just hadn’t planned to go just yet. Stockholm came up (and was a seriously good bargain on the flight) and I thought why wait?

After I’d made my mind up to visit Stockholm, I wasn’t at all surprised to find many places were already booked up and expensive. I knew I wanted to stay close to the main station in Stockholm – especially as my flight was getting in quite late. And I wanted to be in the Norrmalm area for a few reasons. The location would give me easy access to parts of the city as well as the islands; Gamla Stan and Sodermälm.

I was excited about my unexpected trip and looking forward to lots of snow, ice and of course Swedish meatballs!



Time to look for accommodation!  

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