Just a thought – that’s all it was

Just a though. That's all it was. That's how it started

If anyone had told me I’d be travelling on my own three years ago I probably wouldn’t have believed them. The thought of travelling solo to me was like eating in a restaurant or going to the cinema alone; two things I’d never done before and probably wouldn’t have.

I enjoy travelling and jump at the chance to jet off somewhere. I still get excited about the trip to the airport; the flight and the awkwardness of taking a picture through the oval cabin window, steamed with condensation as your destination comes into view. Despite travelling to a few countries already; either family trips, with friends or through work, I’d still never been completely on my own for the whole duration. It would be a new experience and a lot of time alone.

So, what on earth made me change my mind?

Things change when you least expect it! You’re in a situation and before you know it there’s something new to contend with.

A single thought following a few changes in my life is what catapulted me to the possibility of new adventures.  I’m sure you can relate to this. There’s usually a moment or situation that gives you a new perspective on life and changes your thought processes.  It was no different for me.

Something I’d never really considered is now the first thing I think of when I want to go away or on a holiday. Just go on my own. It’s as simple as that.

So, I’d made up my mind and there was no changing it!

I was about to embark on my first solo holiday, but I had no idea it would be the beginning of RiA Vistas!

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