A solo holiday – where should I go?

A solo holiday – where should I go? I had no idea!

A solo holiday, a new challenge.

It all started with a thought remember, yet I hadn’t actually thought about it. Not really. But then, that’s what makes it all the more exciting, right?

When you decide to travel solo, it’s a completely different feeling and experience to doing anything with family, friends or with work. You’ll have a lot of questions – I know I did; where should I go? Long haul or short haul? How long for? Plane, train or ferry? A resort, a family-run hotel or a cheap and (hopefully) cheerful hostel? Day trips, walking tours or a few half day excursions? All the questions and choices already seemed never ending and if I thought of something else, it just led to more. I wanted to be drawn to somewhere and for the location to just hit me. I’d immediately shout “Yes, that’s where I want to go!” 

But it didn’t happen quite like that… Part of me wanted to ‘go big’. I had a list of places I wanted to visit (St Lucia, Antigua, the Maldives, Hong Kong, Australia), but I wasn’t sure if my first ever solo trip was the right time for any of them. It would be great to do other things while there like visit a black sand beach, drive a quad bike or go parasailing. 

Travelling solo would be new to me and who’s to say I’d even like being on my own, and for any length of time. You may have heard some people say that to be a solo traveller you need to be a certain “type” of person; be able to enjoy your own company; be outgoing; able to strike up a “conversation.” I’d heard that myself once or twice after making my decision. While some of that may be true, I think anyone that has the desire to travel solo will be able to do so, even if it doesn’t come as naturally as it does with others.


This would be my first solo holiday, so I decided to start a little closer to home…

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