Beautiful in Bruges…

Beautiful In Bruges.

I remember passing through the city over ten years ago on a trip to somewhere else, but barely saw anything.

It had looked beautiful – that’s all I remember. Peaceful and autumnal. Although I didn’t get to wander the cobbled streets or sit by its canals, seeing pictures of it made me want to go back and visit… properly. It always looked so picturesque. With many other places to visit over the years and my solo travel bucket list in full swing and growing, I just never got around to actually planning a trip back there. Until May…


It was in May that I received an email from Eurostar announcing the release of £29 one-way tickets to Brussels. That was when I knew a visit to Bruges would finally happen!
Excited, I started to think of all the other possibilities. A trip to Bruges made Brussels an obvious city to visit while there. In fact it would make a good base to stay, especially if I decided to visit Antwerp or Bruges’ neighbouring city, Ghent.

Booking Bruges

Within minutes of booking, my mind was racing on where else to go and how to fit things in. Standard! It would be a busy weekend!

I’m only just back from visiting Formentera and already another trip to fit it.   Oh, I just love to travel!

I’m looking forward to seeing more of the town I’d only glimpsed and be lost In Bruges!


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