Bring on solo travel adventures in 2022!

  • Bring on solo travel adventures in 2022!  It seems as though the worst of the COVID pandemic is over. I was able to travel in 2020 (the year the pandemic broke out) and again in 2021. The days of multiple trips a year are like a distant memory but even just with one trip — there was so much to plan, fill in, and test, due to many COVID restrictions.

    So, will 2022 be the year that things go back to more of what we were used to pre-COVID?  From the end of 2021 I already had a few things booked. 

    Have you noticed that my solo travel adventures have been mostly focused on trips around Europe?  While I’ve been on many international trips  to other places like Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados, Las Vegas, they were all before I really started my journey as a solo travel blogger. 

    First up was a new solo travel adventure and first-ever trip to New York… Bring it on!

    Check out my New York posts coming soon!



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