5 things to see and do in Volos, Greece

Do you plan to stop by the city of Volos?  It’s the sixth largest city in Greece.  If so, then make sure you have a few things planned to do while there.  Here’s 5 things to see and do in Volos, Greece.

1. Visit Paralia Limnionas

If you have or will rent a car while in Volos, one place on your visit list should be Paralia (Beach) Limnionas.

Hidden on the eastern side of Mount Pelion, the mountain known in mythology as home to the Centaurs, Limnionas is a lovely sand and pebble beach. It’s pretty much secluded and there’s not sun loungers or parasols — it’s unorganised, so remember to bring all that you need with you.  During the time I was there, there were only eight others — all locals and including myself.   

Peaceful, Paralia Limnionas_RiA Vistas solo travel
Peaceful, Paralia Limnionas, Volos

 From Volos, if you’re driving, it will take about an hour and a half depending on the time of day.  Driving on Pelion is a great feat as it’s very steep with a lot of winding roads. When you’re driving through some of the villages, the route can become narrow with sharp turns. 


Fishing at Paralia Limnionas_RiA Vistas solo travel
Fishing finished, Paralia Limnionas
Catch of the day at Paralia Limnionas_RiA Vistas
Catch of the day - Paralia Limnionas

The views are spectacular! You can find little places to stop for a photo, but make sure the area is clear as around most of Pelion, there’s no barriers at the mountain edge.  Be careful.

Map link

2. Take a ride or watch the Little Train of Pelion

If you have time and can spare pretty much a full day, take a train ride to Mount Pelion on the Little Train of Pelion.

The train trip is only available at the weekends.  The trains departure point is from Ano Lechonia. You can drive there and leave your car at the station as there’s parking. Or you can take the bus, the Lekhonia-Platanidia line.   The train leaves at the same time, 10am and makes its way to the village of Milee.  It does make one pit-stop along the way at Ano Gatzea.

Choo choo - Train of Pelion_RiA Vistas
Choo choo! The Little Train of Pelion

Although it was the end of the season, the train was popular and there were no tickets available for the weekend I was there. It was a last minute decision on my part (shock horror, right), but I went to meet the train on its return from Milee anyway as I really wanted to see it.  Next time I’m in Volos, I will book well in advance!

For more information, visit the Trainose website

Pelion Train meeting point_RiA Vistas
Pelion Train meeting point
Ano Lechonia - Pelion train_RiA Vistas
Getting off at Ano Lechonia
Pelion train - Volos_RiA Vistas
Inside the Pelion train

3. Visit a traditional tsipouradiko

In Greece, there are places called tsipouradiko which you must visit.  A tsipouradiko is usually a small bar or restaurant that serves tsipouro – a popular Greek spirit drink (you may also have heard of Ouzo another popular drink).  When you order a tsipouro, you get little meze dishes that accompany it for free.  The dishes can be a mix of fish, vegetable, cheese or meat dishes.

Mezén - tradittional tsipouradiko_RiA Vistas solo travel
Mezén, a tsipouradiko
Mezén tsipouradiko - RiA Vistas solo traveller
Mezén tsipouradiko, Volos

For my tsipouradiko, I stopped by Mezén.  It’s a lovely little place and clearly very popular as it was quite busy.  I grabbed a table outside.  It’s one of the traditional tsipouradiko that the locals go.  There are many others to visit but if you prefer a true local vibe abs less of a tourist one, stop by Mezen. It’s open most days from lunchtime until late in the evening.

If you’re in Thessaloniki, you’ll also find a Mezén there too.

#tasteodyssey #mezen.

Alonnisou 8
Volos 382 21
Tel: +30 2421 020 844

Map link

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4. Have a break at Myrtillo Cafe

All day coffee bar, Myrtillo Cafe can be found only a 15 minute drive from Volos town centre.

Myrtillo offers fresh smoothies, made with 100% natural fruits and no added sugar.   There’s six to choose from — I picked ‘Yellow Sunrise’ which had  mango, peach and pineapple.   If you like your green smoothie blends, they have the ‘Green Freak’ smoothie with Spinach, carrot, orange and pineapple.  

Amazing views at Myrtillo Cafe_RiA Vistas
Myrtillo Cafe, Volos

Aside from fresh and cool named smoothies, you can make your own croissants — not literally, but choose your topping or filling.   Can you tell what I picked..?

There’s plenty of places to sit inside but sitting outside on one of the terraced areas is best.  Myrtillo is known for its views and it certainly doesn’t disappoint!  What an amazing vista!

It’s not far from Volos city centre – approximately a 15-minute drive away.   There are also buses you can take there from the main bus station in Volos.

Very chocolatey! Croissant at Myrtillo Cafe_RiA Vistas
Very chocolatey! Myrtillo Cafe
Chilling at Myrtillo Cafe_RiA Vistas solo travel
Myrtillo Cafe terrace

Myrtillo opens daily from about 10am and closes late into the early hours of the morning.

EO Volou Portarias
Volos 370 11, Greece
Tel: +30 693 245 2046

Map link 

5. Grab breakfast at Achilleion Fouagie

Stopping by the popular Achililieon Fouagfie is great — if you can find a seat.  It was really busy when I went and from locals I heard it’s always like that.  As it’s recommended by many, that means it can get very busy.

Achililieon Fouagfie_RiA Vistas
Outside Achililieon Fouagfie

Once you’re able to actually find a place, trying to get some service can also be tricky and take a little while.  It took a while for me to get one of the three people I flagged to come and finally take for my order.

I ordered a peach fruit juice with ice and an omelette with cheese, smoked chicken, peppers and tomatoes.  It was nice and light but filling.

Achilleion Fouagie - RiA Vistas solo traveller
Achilleion Fouagie, Volos
Food time - at Achilleion Fouagie_RiA Vistas solo travel
Breakfast at Achilleion Fouagie

Achililieon Fouagfie is open every day from 9am until late at night.

Achililieon Fouagfie
Argonafton 54
Volos 382 21

Map link

Make sure you add these place and activities to your to do list when you’re in Volos! Enjoy and let me know if you visit.  Check out my review of The Amani 180 Spa if you’d like a relaxing break for a few hours. Get searching for other activities to do in while you’re visiting Volos.
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