Getting to and from the airport – home and away

I had all the main things sorted and out of the way, so it was time to look at getting to and from the airport while at home and away.  

Getting to the airport while at home

Getting to the airport is now pretty simple but there’s still a few things to consider.  The mode of transport that you plan on using and the departure and arrival times of your flight at both ends, will have an impact on how you get there.

Airport buses and coaches
If your flight is in the early hours of the morning and you want to keep your costs down, check out some of the airport buses and coaches. Companies such as National Express or Airport Express offer comfortable transfers to UK airports.  If you’re in Europe there are services like Flixbus, TerravisionOUIBus, RegioJet or AeroBus. If you want to search multiple options in one go, you may want to try the easyBus website. Now, take that image of a bright orange bus out of your mind – easyBus partners with a handful of operators like National Express.

Airport buses and coaches cost
Depending on where you live and how easy it is for you to get to a stop, you can search all of the coaches and bag a seat for as little as £1.99. With most of the coaches, you can also pay before boarding. It’s handy if you decide on transport last minute.  easyBus covers coaches going to and from Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports.

Express trains
You can get to most of the main London airports using national rail trains, but there are also specific ones that will take you directly into the airport. They are the Gatwick, Heathrow, and Stansted Express trains.

    • Gatwick Express
      You can catch the Gatwick Express train from London Victoria train station and it takes you to Gatwick Airport which is south of London.  Victoria train station is also a tube station. You can use the Victoria, District and Circle underground lines to get there. The express train leaves for Gatwick every 15 minutes and tickets can be purchased online or via one of the kiosks in the station.

    • Heathrow Express
      The express train to Heathrow Airport (located west of central London), leaves from Paddington train station. You can use the Bakerloo, Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith and City underground tube lines to get there.  The journey is approximately 15-20 minutes to Heathrow Airports 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 terminals. You can find more information and ticket prices on the Heathrow Express website.

    • Stansted Express
      Leaving from London’s Liverpool Street station in the centre of the city or North London’s Tottenham Hale, the Stansted Express takes roughly 30-40 minutes to reach the airport which is located in the east. Fares will vary depending on the type of ticket you purchase or if you buy online or in advance.  You can also get tickets on the day at one of the designated kiosks or tickets machines. Visit the Stansted Express website for more information

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National Express coach
National Express coach

Getting from the airport while away

Departing in the evening means you could arrive at your destination in the very early hours of the morning. So, what are your options?

Hotel shuttle
If you want to avoid taxi fares, you should check to see if your accommodation offers an airport shuttle service. You can arrange this in advance by providing your flight details and timings. This service tends to be free, but you may have to pay a small surcharge. It can still work out a lot cheaper than paying for a taxi especially if you’re on a budget.

Airport transfers
If you can’t get a shuttle through your hotel, B&B or hostel, then you can also save by getting an airport transfer. A lot of airlines, including some of the budget carriers are now offering this service. Booking sites such as Skyscanner also have the option to book transfers.

Share your story if you decide to try any of these.

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