5 things to look out for with ATV rental in Santorini

ATV rentals in Santorini, Greece

If you’ve never rented an ATV before (an all-terrain vehicle also known as a quad bike), they’re great for getting around and perfect if you don’t want to hire a car while on Santorini.  It was my first time renting a quad bike, so here are a few things to think about before you consider ATV rentals in Santorini, Greece.

ATV’s are mostly very similar but there are different types available. You can get ATV’s suitable for one or two people, ones with or without a storage case on the back (those definitely caught my eye), or one with a roof or canvas for sun protection. They’re usually called buggy’s. Whatever you’re looking for there’s an ATV to suit any need.

There were a handful of rental companies within walking distance of where I was staying in Perissa. I stopped by all of them to get an idea of the type of ATV’s available and how much it cost to rent one.  It was my first time renting a quad bike, so here are a few things to think about before you rent yours.

Prices and sizes of ATV rentals

The daily charge to rent an ATV, in most cases, varies depending on the engine size you choose.  Generally, prices for ATV rentals in Santorini, Greece start from around 15 Euros a day.  Companies also set one price for rentals in the low season and another for the high, so remember to check which applies to you.  Engine sizes range anywhere from 50cc to around 800cc. Your budget may dictate the type and size of the ATV you get.

My quad bike
My quad bike

Book ahead

If you plan to rent an ATV for longer than a few days, you should search online in advance for rentals in the area. Not all of them will have a website, but if they do and you see a type and size you want, you can reserve online or email ahead. Busy summer months like July and August on the Greek islands may mean you have less choice. Booking ahead will guarantee you get what you want but also ensure it’s ready for the time and day that you need it.

Terms and conditions

Remember to check the terms and conditions as each company will differ. For example, some allow you a full 24 hours – so returning the vehicle at the same time the next da. Other companies will ask you to bring it back later on the same day you rent it. I came across both types of return policies. Similar to car rentals, some companies fill up the tank and you’ll need to bring it back full. Others supply enough fuel to get you to a petrol station. In that case, you just have to return it in the same state it was given.

The majority of petrol stations on Santorini have attendants who fill up for you, so they’ll know what fuel to put it. Make sure you ask what type of petrol your ATV uses in case no one is there.

Safety checks

Ready and prepared to drive an ATV
Ready and prepared to drive an ATV

Check as best you can that your ATV is in good condition. Make sure you can easily read all the dials and the controls are working properly.

The person you’re renting from should also show you how to operate it.  Once the checks are done, you should be given a helmet to wear.

Now, they can be hot and stuffy, especially if you’re not used to wearing one, but make sure you do because if you don’t have one on and you get into an accident, it may invalidate your insurance.  

Ensure you’re insured!

If you don’t check anything else, please make sure you ask about the type of insurance provided. All companies should offer some form of insurance, however in a lot of cases this may only be third party covering the cost of damage to another vehicle. It’s best to sort out insurance for yourself – there are companies offering specific ATV/quad bike versions. If you have travel insurance already, you may even be able to add it to an existing policy.


Bargain banter – with so many rentals in one area you may want to take a look around to see if any will budge on the daily price. If you’re on a budget or wanting to rent for longer, it’s worth a try!

Face shield – you usually get to choose your helmet so pick one that has a face shield. It can get very windy and it’s so dusty on some of the Santorini roads and you’ll get a lot of it in your face. Not all helmets come with one, so if yours doesn’t wear a pair of sunglasses.

Head wrap – I personally found that the helmets can snag (and will of course mess) your hair, especially if your hair is in plaits or other style. I started to carry a little head scarf/bandana wrap after the first time using one. Definitely the right choice to keep your hair neat if you’ve got it styled.

Try this ATV rental in Santorini, Greece

I rented my ATV from Motomania in Perissa, Santorini.  If you’re heading to Perissa and want to have a look then check out their website http://motomania-santorini.com/perissa for ATV rentals in Santorini, Greece.

Start your journey here and book your ferry to Santorini now!

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