How to get to New Jersey from Manhattan by train, bus or ferry

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Just across from Manhattan and the Over the Hudson River, is New Jersey.  Getting to Hoboken or Jersey City makes for a great day or half a day trip as it’s easily accessible.  If you’re looking to add New Jersey to your New York trip, here’s how to get to New Jersey from Manhattan, New York by train, bus or ferry.

PATH trains

The Port Authority Trans-Hudson, or PATH Train as they’re more commonly known, is a service that operates across New Jersey cities including Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, Harrison.  It also operates in lower and midtown Manhattan in New York.

PATH has six train stations across New York to choose from –

The time to reach New Jersey varies slightly depending on your final destination.  It can take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes.  The trip costs from $2.75 one-way.

PATH station at 33rd Street in Manhattan_RiA Vistas
Manhattan 33rd Street PATH train station
PATH train ticket machine - New York_RiA Vistas solo travel
PATH train ticket machine at 33rd Street
PATH train to Hoboken New Jersey - solo traveller_RiA Vistas
PATH train to Hoboken in New Jersey


You can also take the bus directly to New Jersey from Manhattan, New York.   The number 126 goes straight to Hoboken Bus terminal. 

You can catch it from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, which is along 8th Avenue.   The subway stations closest to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York are 42nd St for lines A, C and E (blue line), and 7 (purple line).

The bus will normally take the Lincoln Tunnel to get to New Jersey.

Hoboken bus terminal - New Jersey_RiA Vistas solo travel
Hoboken bus terminal in New Jersey
New Jersey bus ticket machine - RiA Vistas solo travel
New Jersey bus ticket machine

Tips for the bus

  • The buses in New Jersey are cash or pre-purchased bus tickets only. You can’t currently buy a ticket on the bus itself (at the time of writing, April 2022).
  • For New Jersey buses, make sure you have some loose change as most buses require exact fares.  For cash, only $1 bills and coins are allowed, nothing else, not even $5 bills.  You’ll need to push notes and drop coins into the machine in front of the driver.
  • There are no ticket booths at the Hoboken bus terminal area itself. You must purchase tickets inside the main terminal where you can also get train and ferries tickets.
  • If you want to get off the bus, you’ll need to press the coloured strips. The strip tape acts as the bell.  You’ll find them next to the windows and above your head near the window and air vents.
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There are three ferry points if you want to take a boat trip across to New Jersey.   You can catch a ferry from Midtown W. 39th St, Wall Street Ferry Terminal at Pier 11, and from the World Trade Center Pier.

The ferry dock points are called ‘Slips’. The ferry I took from Hoboken ferry terminal to Midtown W. 39th St in Manhattan departed from Slip 2 for example.

The ferry from Midtown will stop at Jersey City before reaching Hoboken Terminal and vice versa for the way back.

New Jersey to Manhattan ferry ticket_RiA Vistas
New Jersey to Manhattan ferry ticket
New Jersey Waterway slip - solo travel_RiA Vistas
New Jersey Waterway slip

Tips for the ferry

    • Buy your ferry tickets in advance either at the ticket office or from the machines.
    • Remember to check that you have the right ‘Slip’ boarding point for the ferry you need.
New Jersey waterway to Manhattan - solo travel_RiA Vistas
New Jersey waterway to Manhattan
Midtown W39th Street Pier - New York_RiA Vistas
Midtown W39th Street Pier in Manhattan

This should help with planning and will get you to New Jersey from New York either by train, bus or ferry like I did. Ready for your trip to New Jersey?  

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