It’s nearly time to chill out in Croatia

I’d booked flights to Croatia back in February and finally my trip was edging closer! It was nearly time to chill out in Croatia.

It was another country on my solo travel bucket list that I was excited to visit, and although I’d booked it in advance, I had a very good idea of what I wanted my trip to look like even at that point. 


Located on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is made up of three types of area – in the Northern part of the country you’ll find that the landscape is mostly flat and is known as the continental part. The middle, which is still mostly continental borders on alps.  While the area from Zadar to Split is known as Dalamatian.

Over the years Croatia’s become a very popular destination for summers vacations and a number of festivals. Croatia is the perfect for island hoping and seeing nearby countries.


As part of my trip, I’ll be heading south, flying into popular city, Dubrovnik. Known for its Old Town and 16th Century architecture, Dubrovnik looks beautiful and a great place to explore. I’ll then fly out of Split at the end of my trip.

I’ve put a lot of thought into my trip and what I’ll be doing while in Croatia. Apart from Dubrovnik and Split, I’ll also spend some of my time on Hvar – the island not only known for winemaking, but also as the town (Hvar) that never sleeps. It had plenty of beach parties, bars and clubs like Carpe Diem. I’ll also plan to visit some other nearby islands during my trip.

Staying in Dubrovnik means it’s even easier to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro. Both are close enough for a day visit. Put it this way, one of them will feature in my trip but I’ll not tell you which one yet. I’ll let you take a guess! Stay tuned to find out which one I visit.

Based on my research, I decided to spend most of my time in Dubrovnik, with a few nights on the island of Hvar, and then finishing up my trip in a couple of days in Split.

As always on my solo travel trips, I’ll be taking in as much of Croatia as I can!



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