7 places to get sky high views in Croatia

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As you’ve probably guessed from reading some of my posts, I love a good vista. Where possible, on all my trips, I try to get great views from all types of vantage points.  And my time in Croatia was no different.  Here’s 7 places to get sky high views in Croatia.

In Dubrovnik

1 – Dubrovnik Cable Car

If you’re visiting Dubrovnik, take the Cable Car to Mount Srd Hill. 

Just outside Dubrovnik Old Town, you can find the Dubrovnik Cable Car.  The popular ride will take you high above the city and up to the top of Mount Srd Hill.  The views are absolutely stunning as you travel up the hill.  It’s a must-do activity while in Dubrovnik so set some time aside.

Riding the Cable Car in Dubrovnik
Cable Car in Dubrovnik, Croatia

2 – Panorama Bar

If you’ve taken the Dubrovnik Cable Cat or even if you didn’t, Panorama Bar is a great spot to watch over the town below.  

Panorama Bar offers some of the most beautiful views over Dubrovnik’s Old Town, especially at sunset.  Make sure you go up to the highest viewing platform but the view from any point in Panorama Bar really is amazing! 

While there you can have a drink and grab something to eat.  Book in advance as it’s a very popular bar due to the views. 

If you want ideas on bars to visit in Dubrovnik, read my post on 6 cool bars to visit in Dubrovnik and Hvar if you’re a solo traveller.

Panorama Bar and Restaurant
Panorama Bar and Restaurant
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In Hvar

3 – Climb Spanjola Fortress

The Spanjola (Fornica) Fortress is a short walk up some narrow steps behind the main square of Hvar town.  The Fortress, built in the 16th Century, will give you fantastic panoramic views over the town and port of Hvar.   

On route to Tvrdava Fortress - Hvar
Steps to Tvrdava Fortress

It’s not that steep a walk up but if you don’t want to walk, you can access the fortress by car as well.  Halfway up there’s a rest point with wooden lounger chairs.  

It costs 30HRK (at the time of writing, 2022) and has a bar and other facilities. 

Up high in Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
Up high in Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
Inside The Tvrdava Fortica
Inside The Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
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In Split

4 – Marjan Hill 

The popular Marjan Hill is a cool place to see the city of Split below.   From Split town centre you can easily walk to the Marjan Hill Steps.   There are more than 300 steps to the very top where you can use the viewing platform. 

Along the way you’ll find a couple of restaurants if you want to combine a bite to eat.  There’s also a hiking path if you fancy extending your walking challenge.

Split Town from Marjan Hill - Split_Croatia_RiA Vistas
Split Town - Marjan Hill
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In Omiš

5 – Visit the Mirabella Fortress 

Located just over River Cetina, is where you’ll find the Mirabella Fortress.  The climb to Mirabella is pleasant and you will have brilliant views over the canyon and River Cetina and the city below.  

There as small fee to enter and wander around the fortress.  Make sure you bring your camera with you or have battery on your phone — you won’t want to miss the views. 

RiA at Fortress Starigrad - Omiš_RiA Vistas
At Fortress Starigrad in Omiš
Fortress Starigrad - Omiš_RiA Vistas
Fortress Starigrad, Omiš

6 – Hike to the Starigrad Fortress 

If you really fancy going on a bit of a hike, then do what I did and also visit the Starigrad Fortress. 

Located a short distance from the Mirabella Fortress.  The Starigrad Fortress is a great feat if you’re prepared for it.  There are two trails you can take to reach Starigrad.   One is closer to start of the Old Town near the Mirabella Fortress and the other closer to the other end of the Old Town.  There are narrow steps you can take close to a grocery store called Tommy which will take you to the road called Put Boka.

Once you get to the top, the views are so spectacular that you just have to spend a good amount of time looking at the views around you.  That and looking back at the climb and then thinking that going down will be much easier!  

7 – ZIPLINE Croatia

Fancy doing a more adventurous activity and have the chance to get amazing sky-high views at the same time?  I decided on a last minute trip and booked ZIPLINE Croatia. It was something I’d never done and I was nervous as well as extremely excited.  

It’s best to book in advance if you can especially in high season as it’s very popular.  

You’ll get to zip across lines as high as 150 meters high and 700 meters in length.  It’s a fantastic experience and one worth doing. 

ZipLine Croatia - longest zip wire_RiA Vistas
The first and longest zip wire

Take note of these 7 places to get sky high views in Croatia if you plan to visit there soon.  

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