Three beautiful beaches to walk to from Hvar Town, Croatia

If you’re staying in Hvar why not try some of the beaches along the south side of the island.  Apart from having natural beauty and tranquility in mind, you need to be prepared for a little walk too. Sound good to you?  Well, keep on reading as I tell you about three beautiful beaches you can walk to from Hvar town, Croatia. 


Getting to Pokonji Dol Beach

Depending on how fast you walk, Pokonji Dol Beach is about 25 minutes walk from Hvar Towns main port.

Once you pass the small pebble beach near the Franciscan Monastery and walk past the Dordota Vartal restaurant, continue round to Domovinskog street and then to Ive Roića street.

When you cross over Ive Roića, a landmark to look out for is Villa Flo, which should be on your right-hand side. You’ll see a rocky path in front of you with a sign to Pokonji Dol Beach.

You’re in the right place. The road becomes less of a road and more of a rocky hiking trail.

The beach
From this point once you start on the hiking path you’re not too far away. It’s downhill to the beach so watch your step as there are loose stones everywhere.  The walk is absolutely worth it as you start to see Pokonji beach come into view. Clear blue water and a pebble beach greets you.


Pokonji Beach - Hvar
View of Pokonji Beach - Hvar
Pokonji Beach - Hvar
Chilling on Pokonji beach_RiA Vistas solo traveller
Chilling on Pokonji beach, Hvar

Facilities at Pokonji
I’m not really one for pebble beaches and if you’re not too don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it like I did.

If you don’t want to sit directly on the pebbles and don’t have a blanket or towel to use, sun lounger rental will cost you 70KN. If you want to have an umbrella as well, it’s 120KN in total (note prices were at the time of visiting – Sep 2019).  There’s a changing cubicle right on the beach and two restaurants to choose from.  Relaxing at Pokonji was really cool and although it got a little busy, it wasn’t extremely packed.


Next stop - Beach Mekićevica

From Pokonji, Beach Mekićevica is just under a 20-minute walk away.

To access the path to Beach Mekićevica, look towards the furthest end of the Pokonji – just past the second restaurant. You’ll find a little rocky path nestled in the bushes. To the left, a sign literally points you in the right direction.

It may feel as though you’re walking into the middle of nowhere but don’t worry, keep going!

Beach Mekićevica - Hvar
Beach Mekićevica, Hvar
Beach Mekievica - beach chair costs
Beach loungers costs at Mekićevica
The walk…

You shouldn’t get lost or take a wrong turn because if you look closely you’ll see either red and white circles or green markings indicating the way to go.

Once you’re about halfway you should come across a sign as at this point there’s a private house or lodgings straight ahead.  Veer to the left and follow the sign that says ‘Robinson’. Don’t worry, that’s the beach which is further on from Mekićevica.

Before reaching Mekićevica you’ll come to Pachamama Beach and Bar. It offers relaxing spaces, food and Thai massages. You can use it as a pit stop there f or continue on.

The path becomes flatter and more mud than rocks in part, but as you continue, the turquoise water captures you’re attention through the trees and you know you’re nearly there.

Beach day - RiA Vistas solo traveller

There isn’t really any facilities at Beach Mekićevica

There were just sun beds which you can rent at the cheapest price I’d seen on the island so far – 50KN. There’s a sign in Italian and English telling you the prices.

It may look like there’s no one manning the sun loungers but don’t be fooled. Someone will soon appear and will ask you for payment.


It’s pure bliss at this beach. It may be a lot smaller than Pokonji, but it was gorgeous and the best part…hardly anyone was on it!

I ended spending more time than I’d planned here just like at Pokonji Beach!

On route to Robinson Beach

Not more than a few minutes walk away from Beach Mekićevica, is Robinson Beach.  Did you know that the area where Robinson beach is located is also called Mekićevica? 

Signpost to Robinson Beach
On route to Robinson Beach

Both Mekićevica and Robinson beaches fall under the same local area and these two bays are what locals call Big Mekićevica and Little Mekićevica.  Which one do you think is big and which little..?

Like the last two beaches, Robinson beach is pebbled.

Hammock at Robinson Beach - solo traveller
Hammock at Robinson Beach, Hvar
Robinson Beach
Robinson Beach, Hvar
Little cubbyholes and coves

There are a handful of little spaces to get away from others dotted around Robinson beach. Whether you want to relax in a hammock or watch the waves from below, there are little cubbyholes. If you get there early enough you can set up a place for the day.

It was relaxing and peaceful and made a nice spot for the end of the day.

The facilities at Robinson

You’ll find Robinson Pub Restaurant here which is open from 11 am – 5 pm. Its very casual and serves traditional Dalamatian cuisine including Brodetto fish stew, Gregada (which is a fish speciality dish on Hvar), Dalmatian Pasticadaâ with gnocchi (stewed beef) and Octopus salad.  At Robinson you’ll find toilet and changing facilities.

If you want to head straight to Robinson from Pokonji, it’s about a 20 minute walk.

Robinson Restaurant menu
Inside Robinson Beach restaurant
Inside Robinson Beach restaurant


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