A review of Tranquilo – Perissa Beach

After a nice relaxing day, a stroll along Perissa beach in the evening is a must! The strip was buzzing and there were a lot of people out and in the bars and restaurants that lined it.  I heard the place I’d stay for the evening long before I saw it, and as I approached, the name came into view; Tranquilo.  


Located off the strip, it’s a great place to chill and have a nice meal with a few drinks. Soft reggae beats matched the dimly lit lounge bar with its bright oversized chairs and cushions. Creating a relaxing atmosphere, it’s the place to chill out day or night. Open from 8am-12am every day, the beach bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers an array of meals, including vegetarian dishes.  In fact, I’d heard it’s one of the best places in Perissa to go to if you’re a vegetarian as they have many options. They also serve fantastic cocktails, fruity smoothies and of course standard bar beverages.  

Tranquilo bar
Image courtesy of Tranquilo

The food

The food is plentiful as they offer large sizes for all meals. They’re known for their extra-large plates so don’t be surprised when you order and wonder exactly how you’ll manage to eat it all, like I did. I had the Caesar Salad wrap and boy was it good. Yes, I did go for an easy option, but it was unlike any Caesar Salad I’d had before. The taste was amazing!

Tranqilo bar
Image courtesy of Tranquilo


The drinks, just like the food, were amazing and match the serving size of their dishes. Their range of non-alcoholic cocktails is great, and the alcoholic ones are beautiful, with fantastic patterns in some cases. What I liked most was the drinks were blended with fresh fruits.

Tranquilo - Perissa barco
Image courtesy of Tranquilo

Why should you visit?

Tranquilo is definitely a great place to grab a bite to eat, especially if you’re travelling solo and don’t want to sit alone staring at a three-course menu with an empty seat opposite you.  Due to its seating option and chilled out atmosphere, you can easily make friends and not feel lonely.  If you find yourself in Perissa, I’d definitely suggest you visit to Tranquilo for an evening out!   Find Tranquilo on Facebook.  

Have you been to Tranquilo? Tell me what you thought.

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