Another trip to Oia – Santorini

I was so captivated by the view I’d seen the night before, that I wanted to see it again. I had to get to the Castle of Oia. I’d found out it was the place everyone was heading to that evening.  Now knowing of this vantage point, I’d be making another trip to Oia – again!

I had some time before I needed to set off, so I strolled around Perissa. I found out that I could visit the red and white beaches by taking a boat from the pier near the mountain side. Nothing needed to be booked in advance which was helpful, so I decided to do that the next day.

Getting to Oia

There isn’t a direct bus from Perissa to Oia. They all stop in the main town, Fira, and from there you need to pick up another one to your final destination – in my case, Oia. All the buses run frequently from Perissa to Fira town – about every 30-40 minutes depending on the time of day and season.

The buses are owned by a company called KTEL. This network covers all the villages in Santorini and you purchase tickets on the bus. The trip from Perissa to Fira costs a couple of Euros – at the time I went it was €2.40 per person and takes roughly 25 minutes. You can check out the KTEL website for up-to-date timetables. When you arrive at the bus terminal in Fira, you’ll be able to pick up a bus to Oia, which costs another couple of Euros per person (or so) and takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

On the road in Santorini
On the road - Santorini

The perfect spot

Oia was quite similar to Fira. The streets are narrow and consisted of the same noticeable white buildings you can’t help but adore. However, despite this similarity, it felt a little different. Even with the crowds of tourists, Oia was definitely much quieter and had more of an elegant village feel about it.


The shops were mostly designer or designer-themed with a mix of local brand and international names. The souvenir shops also have a very boutique feel to them.

I made my way to the Castle of Oia, one of five built by the Venetians. The Castle ruin is one of the most popular places in Oia to see and photograph the sunset. Unlike the night before, I was able to go right inside. There were quite a few people already there, but nowhere near the crowds I’d seen previously trying to get in. I found the perfect spot overlooking the pristine white and cream buildings below. It was such a beautiful view! There was nothing else to do but wait, so I got my kindle out and read.

Oia sunset spot - solo travel
Oia sunset spot

With roughly half an hour to go until sunset, the ruins became packed.  There were people pushing to get to the front, selfie sticks hovering in preparation and people taking shots on their own or with friends.  I turned and sat on the higher ledge facing the Aegean Sea. Finally, it was photo time!

View from Oia - solo travel
View from Oia - just before sunset

I had made the right choice visiting Oia again.   I had found a great spot and it was wonderful to take in that view for a second time.  The day had been perfect.  I got some fantastic shots and saw that magical sunset view I’d been waiting for.

Read my tips on where and how best to see the sunset in Santorini.

Have you experienced the sunset in Santorini?  I’d love to hear your stories!

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