6 tips for visiting the Red, White and Black beaches in Santorini

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A trip to a beach is on a lot of people’s list when they visit Santorini, but make sure you visit the Red, White and Black beaches while you’re there. 

Unique  in different ways

Even if you don’t spend time relaxing on their shores, but pass by on a boat, you have to get a look at what makes them unique. Having been to both beaches during my visit, I’ll give you my 6 tips for visiting the Red, White and Black beaches in Santorini.  


1.  Wear comfortable shoes – the walk down to the Red Beach is along a rocky path, narrow in places and slippery. Wear something that has a good grip to avoid any accidents.

2.  Eat before you leave – if you can grab a snack before you leave. At the Red Beach, there’s a little shop selling a few snacks but to be honest it didn’t offer very much. It could be because it wasn’t in the high season (I went in June), but you never know. 

It’s best to be on the safe side especially if you’re travelling with children.

3.  Towel up – bring some additional towels or beach blankets as the cost to rent a parasol and lounger was quite pricey at about €10. Many people thought the same and opted against grabbing a chair as there was an abundance of towels splattered across the beach.

Walk along the Red Beach
Walk along the Red Beach

4.  Boat trip – boats from the Red to the White beach leave and return about every 15-30 minute. You also pass the other beaches or choose to stop at them all.

5.  Baggage – don’t bring too many bags with you if you plan to go to the White or Black beaches. The same goes for taking anything very expensive. 

The boat doesn’t dock near the shore at the Black Beach, so you’ll wade through the water. It’s not a boat tour where you can leave your things on the boat, so pack light for this trip! 

6.  Pebble pumps – The sea bed and shore is very pebbly. If you’ve got a pair of Crocs or waterproof pumps, take them with you!   You may not mind but if you find cobbled pavements painful, then this may not be for you!

Check out my diary post where I visit the beaches in Santorini.  

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