7 things to see and do in Paros, Greece

1. Spend an afternoon in Naousa

Naousa is a small fishing village about a 20-minute drive from the main port of Paros.  It’s a very popular village known for its beautiful beaches and chic vibe.   

Naousa - Paros
Naousa - Paros

A different vibe

It certainly has a different feel about it compared to Paros.  It’s very picturesque, quaint and with a more upmarket vibe.  You can wander around the harbour or grab a snack from one of the cafes along the way.  There are also nearby beaches which you can spend time on like Kolymbithres.  You could also do a bit of shopping or walk around the old town.

Naousa cobbled streets - Paros_RiA Vistas
Naousa cobbled streets

The easiest way to get to Naousa is to drive.  I drove an ATV there, but you can also hire a car or moped.  You can also get there by bus as well which departs from Paros.  There’s plenty of places to park.  If you go on a busier day, it may take a little longer to find a space.  

2. Visit the village of Léfkes 

Why not spend a few hours visiting the picturesque village of Léfkes.  Located up in the mountains, Léfkes was the first ancient capital of Paros.  

Village of Lefkes - Paros
Lefkes - Paros

It’s surrounded by lush greenery and olive trees.  There’s the church of Agia Triada to visit, wander through the narrow streets and adore the beautiful white houses or find a spot to grab a bite to eat.  

This beautiful village is best reached by car, bike, ATV.   You can also take a bus or taxi if you have no other way to get there. 

Wandering Lefkes - Paros_RiA Vistas
Wandering Lefkes
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3. Have a night out in Naousa 

Head to Naousa if you want to have a night out away from Paros town.   You’ll need to drive or take a taxi as that’s easier if you’ll be leaving there late.  There’s also a bus you can catch from Paros but make sure you check the timetable before setting off.

The harbour area really comes alive at night especially on the weekends.  It was packed when I went with some friends I had made during my trip.  

Outside Barbarossa restaurant - Paros_RiA Vistas solo travel
Outside Barbarossa restaurant, Paros
Naousa harbour at night - Paros_RiA Vistas
Naousa harbour at night

We ended up in a few places starting with Barbarossa Restaurant and then on to a couple of bars for drinks.  

4.  Take a day trip to Antiparos

Antiparos is a small island next to Paros – a bit like its little brother.  It makes for a great day trip as it only takes about 10 minutes by boat to reach this gem.  

There’s lots to do during your time there.  You can spend some of your time walking along the port, grab a meal at one of the many restaurants or cafes or go shopping. If you feel like a bit of a challenge, you could also go hiking.

Antiparos narrow cobbled streets - Paros_Ria Vistas
Antiparos narrow cobbled streets

It’s easy to get around and the best way to do so is by car or ATV.  

5. Wander (carefully) through the Caves of Antiparos 

While you’re on the island of Antiparos, you must make time to visit the beautiful Caves of Antiparos.   The caves are easily accessible by public transport (buses from the port drop you close to the caves) or by driving yourself.  It only takes about 15 minutes to reach from the port.  

Caves of Antiparos - Paros_RiA Vistas solo travel
Inside the Caves of Antiparos

The views on the way up are stunning but so are the caves themselves.  There are many pretty stalactites and stalagmites formations to be seen.  You can wander carefully along designated pathways but it can be a little darker in places.  The caves will be a lot cooler so you may want to take a cardigan or light jacket with you. 

6. Catch some vibes on Punda Beach 

If you want a beach party vibe, then you should head for Punda Beach Club.  There’s many areas to chill out in from the beach itself to the comfy areas by the bar or the pools.  You’ll find something you like! 

Pounta Beach - Paros
Pounta Beach - Paros

Punda was one of my favourite beaches on Paros.  It’s set on a very beautiful stretch of golden sand.   Get there nice and early and you’ll get your pick of loungers.  There’s food services available and I found the staff friendly and helpful.  I stayed for quite a few hours and had something to eat while there which was tasty.

Punda Beach - Paros_RiA Vistas
Punda Beach, Paros

7.  Explore Paros Chora and port

Wander around Paros Chora and port

Make sure you leave some time to explore the narrow, cobbled streets of Paros Chora.  While there’s lots to see and do around Paros, the town itself is adorable.  

Windmill at Paros port - Greece_RiA Visats
Paros port
Shopping along Paros cobbled streets
Frankish Castle Paros - RiA Vistas solo travel
Frankish Castle, Paros
Sunset at Paros Chora - Greece_RiA Vistas
Sunset at Paros Chora

A list of things to see

You can see the Frankish Castle, stop by the quaint blue domed church in the town, take a photo by the windmill or visit Panagia Ekatontapyliani. Perhaps you fancy doing a bit of souvenir shopping, or you simply want to relax by the port at sunset.  That is a must if you can as it is absolutely stunning.

Get an activity

Looking for more things to see and do or activities in Paros? 

Enjoy your trip to Paros!  This island was one of my favourites during my early solo travel experiences, so I’ll definitely visit again. 

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