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If you’ve read about the places I’ve been to and want to find out what a hotel or hostel I’ve stayed in is really like, you’re in the right place!  

Everything I review is based on my own opinion and experiences during my trips.  I review everything from accommodation, restaurants and bars to activities and things to do.   The list is growing so keep checking back!

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Hotel Voramar pool and garden - Formentera - accommodation

I’m here to share my solo travel experiences with you.  Find out about the places I’ve stayed in on my solo travels and what they are really like.  


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I’ll show you a few of the places I’ve eaten out at during my trips which are perfect for solo travellers.  

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Cocktails at Panorama - solo travel
RiA Vistas_Averio - Porto

Want to know if an activity or tour is really worth it?  I’ll share my experiences of activities I’ve taken part in while on my solo travels. 


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Have a look at some other destinations to inspire you to go on your first solo travel trip!

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