Another trip to…Greece!

Most of 2020 has been pretty surreal due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Three quarters of the year has almost gone, and as things were beginning to creep back to normal, I had another trip to Greece planned.

This wouldn’t be a “normal” trip.  There would be so many things to think about this time and plan around.  Just when you thought you had all the holiday prep down to a tea, there’s new measures to consider.   I’ll explain a little more about what to expect with Coronavirus travel in a post soon.

Where am I heading?

This time I planned to visit another of Halkidiki’s legs — Kassandra.  It’s the first leg of the three of its peninsulas.

I knew Kassandra would be very different to Sithonia which I’d visited back in 2019.  The Kassandra peninsula is the least mountainous and is known for its touristic vibe whereas Sithonia is more mountainous and lush.  Many of its beautiful beaches are some of the most picturesque in Greece.  For more on which which to visit, read my post on 5 of the best beaches in Halkidiki. 

For my trip to Greece this time, I’d be staying in an apartment not far from the town centre and the beach.

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I was really looking forward to the break and time away from everything happening with COVID-19.

There’s certainly still a lot to think about in terms of planning for this trio as things are a little different. 

I’ll let you know how it all went and what I got up to during my trip to Greece.



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