Things to see and do in Hvar in Autumn

If spring and summer has passed you by for one reason or another and you decide to take a holiday later on in the year, visiting Croatia is the perfect choice.  In September and early October it’s still pretty warm and it some cases, can be quite hot.  If you’re planning a break to the Dalmatian coast, here’s a few things to see and do in Hvar in Autumn.


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1. Wander around the cobbled streets of Hvar town

Just going for a stroll is lovely in Hvar in Autumn.  With cafés and shops and a little market in the square, there’s a lot to see on a walk through the town.
Hvar Town market
Hvar Town market
You can also take any of the little cobbled streets on the left-hand side of the square (if you’re facing St Stephens Cathedral) and explore the narrow back streets up to the top for amazing views down over the town and harbour.  You can use one of the paths behind the Studenac supermarket to take you to the Spanish Fortress.
Hvar Town Square
Hvar Town Square

2. Visit the Tvrdava Fortica — the Spanish Fortress

Noticeable from the Hvar Town, The Tvrdava Fortica is great stop to get some history on it’s presence and about the island.  Perched on a hill above little streets of Hvar, the 16th century fortress is worth the hike up.
After you’ve walked up the steps behind the town square, you’ll cross a little road and then begin the ascent up the sloped paths. On route, you may find a couple of pit stops; a drinks stand and some stalls selling lavender scented products and other gifts. Just before you reach the fortress entrance, you’ll come across the Crkva Gospe of Kruvenice – a small Catholic Church.  And if you’re tired by the time you reach the top, there are some wooden curved chairs to relax on.
On route to Tvrdava Fortress - Hvar
Steps to Tvrdava Fortress
Entrance to Tvrdava Fortica (Spanish Fortress), Hvar
Once you’re inside, the views are amazing, especially the further up you go into the turrets.  There not much cover or shade and it was really hot when I visited, so if you’re prone to getting sunburn, you might want to take a hat to help keep your face cool and carry sun cream if you need it.  Located within the fortress you’ll find a restaurant and a souvenir shop.
At the time I visited, payment methods were cash only, so make sure you have enough on you.
Walkway to Tvrdava Fortica (Spanish Fortress)
Walkway to Tvrdava Fortica
Glorious view from Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
View on way to Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
Up high in Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
Up high in Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar
Inside The Tvrdava Fortica
Inside The Tvrdava Fortica, Hvar

3. Have brunch at Falko cafe and Bar

This is a quiet little cafe and bar is located further along the Hvar harbour almost opposite to the town square.  It’s a lovely spot with sofas and hammocks wher you can grab a snack ir have a drink.
I ordered a Mr Orange which is a homemade juice made with apple, orange and ginger.  I decided to get something to eat as well and had a bruschetta combo with tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado and prosciutto ham.  Tasty!
If you sit near the front you’ll have a nice sea view.
⁃ They only take card for larger bills so make sure you have cash with you.
Falko Cafe and Bar
Falko Cafe and Bar
Having a snack at Falko Cafe and Bar
Chilling at Falko Cafe and Bar
Chilling at Falko Cafe and Bar

4. Visit a beach off the beaten track

There are a few beaches near Hvar Town but if you make your way past the main square there are some amazing little ones less than a 40 minute walk away.  If you fancy more of an adventure off the beaten track, then visit Pokonji, Robinson and Mekićevica beaches.
Pokonji Beach - Hvar
View of Pokonji Beach - Hvar
Hammock at Robinson Beach - solo traveller
Hammock at Robinson Beach, Hvar
Beach Mekićevica - Hvar
Beach Mekićevica, Hvar
Taking some of the side roads up behind the town and walking along a gravel path leads you on a route to these three beautiful beaches.  I spent a day relaxing at all three and even the walk between them is fascinating.  Not only do you have the sea views but you’ll see the lovely patterns of  in the rocks and cliffs as you pass.  Read my post on three beautiful beaches near Hvar Town, how to get to them and what to expect.

5. Have dinner at Lungo Mare

Have dinner at Lungo Mare If you’re look one for a tasty meal, have dinner at Lungo Mare, a traditional family restaurant not far from Hvar town port.
It’s such a lovely family there and they really make you welcome. It’s set in a spacious rooftop area. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes including fish specialties like Gregada and other meat dishes. They grow all their vegetables from their garden.
Lungo Mare, Hvar Town
Family vibes at Lungo Mare
Family vibes at Lungo Mare
I actually had dinner there with a group of people from the US who I met on my afternoon trip to the Pakleni Islands. They saw I was a solo traveller and we ended up hanging out for the rest of the day and evening which was nice. Just because you’re travelling solo, it actually opens up more opportunities to make friends along the way. I find I make more friends travelling alone than I would if I was with friends as you tend to keep in your groups.
Prices: ££-£££’s
RiA rating: RRRRR
If one of the things stopping you from a solo travel adventure is being alone, read my post on how to make friends as a solo travellers

6. Taste the famous Lasagna at Mizarola

Mizarola is a pizzeria and bistro. I ate dinner twice at Mizarola during my stay in Hvar and loved it both times! It’s a very popular place and if you don’t book or arrive early you’ll face a wait.  

I saw people having to queue or come back later on they were so busy.  The staff are lovely and accommodating and the food is tasty. I sat outside the main entrance on my first visit and then on the roof terrace for my second.
Yummy Mizarola meal
Dinner at Mizarola, Hvar Town

I ordered the famous meat lasagna for which Mizarola is known for and an apricot juice on my first visit.  On my second visit, I tucked into a large pizza the second time.

Prices: ££-£££’s
RiA rating: RRRR
Table outside Mizarola Hvar
Outside Mizarola, Hvar Town

7. Have a night out at Nautica Bar

Nautica is one is one of the bars along Hvar harbour strip. The decor is really quirky with wallpaper and some cool light bulbs hanging above the bar. Nautica serves more than 100 different cocktails and shooters so you’ll be spoilt for choice! I went for the Blue Hawaiian.
The vibe was good and they played a mix of 70s and 80s music.
They do a really cool Sambuca line.  It lit up the bar with a shit for those in there when it’s early in the evening.
For more bars and cafes to chill in while in Hvar – and Dubrovnik too –  read my post now
Bar at Nautica bar, Hvar
Bar at Nautica bar, Hvar
Bar Nautica - Hvar
Bar Nautica - Hvar

8. Take a trip to one of the nearby towns Jelsa, Vrboska or Stari Grad

Spend the day visiting the other main towns on Hvar island. They are easy to get to even if you don’t drive or have use of a car.  You can use local buses to get to and from the other main towns on the island. 
Jelsa town entrance - RiA Vistas
Jelsa town entrance, Croatia
Jelsa town centre - Hvar_RiA Vistas
Jelsa town centre, Hvar, Croatia
The towns offer something a little different but you’ll likely enjoy them equally!
Stari Grad habour_RiA Vistas
Stari Grad habour, Hvar
Lavendar icecream at Stari Grad - Hvar Croatia_RiA Vistas
Lavendar icecream at Stari Grad, Croatia
With plenty to do – and this is just a few things – you’ll love Hvar in Autumn.  Let me know if you decide to visit Hvar. If you’re looking for things to do, have a look at some other activities t do in Hvar.    
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