6 places to get sky high views in Greece

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Greece is a beautiful country with many things to see and do and places to visit.  If you want to get a good vista from above, here’s 6 places to get sky high views in Greece. 

1. Meteora, Thessaly Greece

If you didn’t know, Meteora is an amazing formation of rocks located in the town of Kalabaka in Thessaly, Greece.   The name Meteora means ‘floating’ or ‘suspended’, and you’ll understand why when you see them.  When there’s low cloud or mist, the rocks look as though they’re suspended in the sky. 

Athanasios Koimovitis named the area Meteoron – he was the first monk to climb Broad Rock, where the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron now sits.  Beautiful sky high views in Greece.


The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron
The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron

A monastic community

Meteora became home to many monks and nuns following the monastery’s appearance.  They created a large monastic community, who for many centuries, chose to live in seclusion and peace.  They’d practise the virtues of monastic life including endurance and discipline.

If you want to see a different side of Greece, you must take a trip to Meteora.

Read my post on Meteora and its Monasteries for more information.

Why not book a hiking tour while in Meteora like I did with GetYourGuide.  It’s a great way to explore the area and see all the monasteries.


2. Ancient Thera, Santorini

The mountain Mesa Vouno divides Perissa from the other main village in Santorini, Kamari – Ancient Thera (also spelt Thira) is nestled at the top.  It’s one of the most popular archaeological sites to visit while on Santorini Island.  The ancient city consists of a mix of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ruins.

Ancient Thera - another view

Getting there

It’s better to drive there and rent an ATV but you can also hike up as well.  Just be prepared as it’s not a short walk.  Take a bottle of water with you and wear a sturdy pair of shoes.  

When you reach the top of the mountain and before you enter the ruins make sure you take a moment to see the villages of Perissa and Kamari down below.  It’s a such an amazing view!

If you want to know more read my post on visiting Ancient Thera.

Kamari from Ancient Thera
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3. Múρτιλλο (Myrtillo) coffee bar, Volos

Myrtillo coffee bar is about a 15-minute drive away from the centre of Volos.  Myrtillo is known for its views and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.  If you can visit at sunset, it’s even more stunning.  To be honest at any time the views are amazing.   It’s also a cool place to stop for some of the fresh smoothies. 

Amazing views at Myrtillo Cafe_RiA Vistas

Their smoothies are made with 100% natural fruits with no added sugar.   Myrtillo opens daily from about 10am and closes late into the early hours of the morning.  Looking for things to do in Volos

Map link – https://goo.gl/maps/D5jgFYnHsffc9TLU9

4. The White Tower, Thessaloniki

Take some time to visit the White Tower of Thessaloniki if you’re staying in the area or even passing through.  The tower became a symbol of the city following the Ottoman rule when it was then used as a fortress and prison. 

The White Tower_Thessaloniki_RiA Vistas solo traveller
The White Tower, Thessaloniki

It’s a well-known landmark that’s stands just over 45 metres high, including its turret.   It has a viewing platform at the very top and you’ll see the bay and bustling streets of Thessaloniki below. 

If you’re looking for other things to do In Thessaloniki, have a read of 7 things to see and do in Thessaloniki.

Stairs up to the top - White Tower Thessaloniki
View from The White Tower - solo traveller

5. Areopagus Hill, Athens

Located next to the Acropolis in Athens is Areopagus Hill, a rocky hill that makes a great location for amazing pictures and views over the city.  It also provides brilliant views of the Acropolis itself and Ancient Agora. 

Areopagus Hill Athens - Greece_RiA Vistas solo travel
Areopagus Hill Athens - Greece

Areopagus is also referred to as Mars Hill as well as its historical name, the Rock of Ares.  It’s located between the Agora and the Acropolis. 

The well-known hill is a historical location that served as a high court for hearing criminal cases in ancient Greece.

Acropolis view from Areopagus Hill Athens - Greece_RiA Vistas
Acropolis view from Areopagus Hill

6. Léfkes, Paros

If you get the chance to visit the beautiful village of Léfkes in Paros, make sure you capture the views below.  

Views from nearby Léfkes Paros_RiA Vistas
Views from nearby Léfkes, Paros
Memorial Park Lefkes - Paros_RiA Vistas
Memorial Park Lefkes - Paros

Léfkes was the first ancient capital of Paros and is surrounded by several olive groves.   It’s such a beautiful place to spend an afternoon and the road leading up to the village offers amazing views across the mountains.


  • Any sites that require an entry fee, like the White Tower in Thessaloniki or Ancient Thera, make sure you visit the relevant ant websites to check ticket prices in advance.  If you’re travelling in the summer months, you may want to try to book in advance if possible.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.  If you choose to do any of the activities above which require you to walk distances or up hilly terrains, wear closed shoes, preferably trainers, plimsoles or rugged flip flops with straps. 
  • Make sure you carry cash on you in case you need to pay for any refreshments.  

I hope these 6 places to get sky high views in Greece gives you some great photos and views too!

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